Have you started searching for your wedding dresses?

Have you started searching for your wedding dresses? When is the wedding date? If you answered no and the wedding is either 6, 12 as well as 18 months you're ready to should consider starting now.

Wedding dress shopping is going to be as easy as you are making it. We recommend finding your dress 12+ months prior to the wedding date. If you allow yourself lots of time to get your dress you is going to be able to savor the process, take a look at all the options and you'll not have to fear your dress not arriving promptly. Shopping early will even prevent you from spending extra for the dress to become rushed. If your timeline is faster, we are able to still assist you too! We offer off-the-rack gowns in addition to in-stock gowns from some of our designers.

Consider this timeline when searching for a special-order wedding gown:

When you purchase the sexy wedding dresses, you need to wait roughly 6-8 months for this to arrive at our store. After that, you will need to do some alterations as every gown needs to become altered, which we recommend doing 8-12 weeks before the wedding day. Alterations include fitting the gown for your body, your hem, your bustle, and then any custom work for you to do. This attractive timeline was true during the pre-covid days. Now dresses take a few more weeks to get at us. If you are receiving married annually you now are also married at the same time as all of the weddings which were pushed out of this year because of COVID-19. This means that seamstresses may have double the amount of gowns to change which essentially will make the alteration time longer.

Our goal would be to give you the most stress-free experience when you are searching for your wedding gown but it’s your decision to decide when you should start. Schedule a scheduled appointment with us and let’s find you the dress you've always dreamt of.


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