When dressing for a wedding party, you have to decide if you need to be traditional or if you're trendy

When dressing for a wedding dress party, you have to decide if you need to be traditional or if you're trendy. Personally, we like the look of a conventional bridal party. Everyone within the same dress yourself in the same color. Traditional Bridesmaids, the likes of Bari Jay could make this possible once we offer maternity styles, jr bridesmaids styles, extra length or petite length, and customizations that make the wedding unique for you and allow for the entire wedding party to be dressed and comfy size 1-26W, shorter or taller, pregnant,  etc. We have been carrying this out for over half a century!

This is really easy to do. Pick a dress that you simply think is useful for all your girls within the color of your decision. Bari Jay Bridesmaids fit girls from 0-26W and may accommodate all of your ladies. You can order swatches from our swatch store. So now you allow the girls the design and style and color plus they just order it from any Bari Jay retailer. Some stores like Bella Bridesmaids will measure any girl for an additional Bella store and send the measurements to 1 store and everyone can order directly from exactly the same store. Your pictures will appear beautiful and classic.

This look falls under traditional as the girls can all pick their very own style that meets their body and personality and reflects their style! We even have some jumpsuits that match our dresses in exactly the same fabric and colors.

This could be beautiful, but it's the super trendy approach to take and the one which requires more work along with a delicate hand. When you let your bridesmaids choose their very own dress and color make sure to give them guidelines. Think necklines you don't want: one shoulder, straps, or sleeves. Think length: short in order to the floor. Think fabric: any fabrics you want or wish to omit, chiffon is flowy and lightweight and you may not need a heavy satin by using it for example. Think style: wide skirt, slim skirt, sheath, Grecian, etc.… anything or don't like try to become specific. Now COLOR: give a concept of the colors you're interested in. Create a palate like what we should do within our Color Me Trendy article. Visit a bridal store to get a concept of colors that look good together. Get swatches, you can find them from your swatch store. Then consult with your bridesmaids about which colors you're going with and ensure they are all representing your palate and that you simply do not have an excessive amount of one color. Your bridesmaids may prefer one color over another or think certain colors look better on the skin tones. Take that into account as you want them all to become happy! In addition, look out for prints and specify if that's a no-go!

This falls like the tradition for the reason that all girls wear exactly the same dress. The color choices within a selection of colors are chosen by you the bride. These colors could be coordinated with the colors you have chosen for the princess wedding dresses, a color scheme for example jewel tones, dusty colors, pastels, etc.

Remember that you simply pay a lot of money for the photographer and also you want these pictures to become special as well as your unique style to stand out!


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