Your Guide towards the Best Bridal Necklines

Strapless, Sweetheart, dear! With a lot of neckline styles to select from, how's a bride ever to determine?

Navigating the field of modern day wedding dresses is difficult enough. And when you are looking at picking the very best neckline for you personally, most brides are in a complete loss. With a lot of cuts, designs and styles - understanding what is best for you personally can be completely overwhelming. So today we're breaking down the very best bridal neckline styles to be able to determine which styles you like most!


Who can resist the romantic type of a sweetheart neckline? Sweetheart necklines are low cut and shaped like the very best of a heart over the bust. A sweetheart neckline is both classic and sexy. Both Cinderella and Helen of Troy!

Who could it be for: Sweetheart necklines are for that hopeless romantic bride. These styles are sweet and sexy and therefore are the perfect style for any fairytale romance big day.

What physical structure does it flatter: Sweetheart necklines are ideal for brides with smaller busts, since the cut out form of the style can give these brides some shape. Yet simultaneously, brides having a fuller bust may love a sweetheart cut to show off some extra cleavage!

Here are a few of our favorites:

What bride can resist a vintage strapless sweetheart neckline ball gown? It is difficult to find something that will make you feel a lot more like a princess in your big day than this.

We love the mixture of a sleek slip dress having a romantic sweetheart neckline. The sweetheart cut adds shape towards the bust of the otherwise slickly draped style.

We are simply in love using the delicate, feminine type of this next sweetheart neckline bridal style. The sweetheart neckline of the gown provides it with a girly, romantic feel.

Our next sweetheart neckline wedding dress isn't as sweet as a few of the others. This ultra modern, edgy sweetheart cut is really unique and provides an entirely different feel for this gown.

Last, you will find there's lace fit & flare wedding dress from Isabelle Armstrong having a subtle sweetheart neckline that contributes a touch of feminine romance for this clean style.


Halter neckline styles feature straps that tie at the rear of the neck. Typically with halter styles you receive a contrast from a high neck cut, as well as an open back design. This could be a very flattering and classy look for any modern bride.

Who could it be for: Brides who would like modern style, and big drama on their special day. A halter neckline is a superb way to then add drama to your special day style by revealing your favorite assets - especially shoulders and back.

What physical structure does it flatter: Halter cut gowns could be perfect for fuller chested brides that want some extra coverage and support on their special day. But with many halter gowns featuring a wide open back style, it's not necessary to sacrifice feeling sultry in your big day. But if you're a bride having a very full chest, make certain a halter cut isn't putting an excessive amount of pressure around the back of the neck.

Here are a few of our favorites:

We are absolutely deeply in love with this blushing high-low halter neckline wedding dress from Ines di Santo. This look is really girly and fashion forward. And who doesn't love that collared neckline?

A breezy bohemian inspired halter neckline bridal style that's simply stunning. The high neck halter cut provides you with a modest bust, but open shoulders along with a deep front slit add the perfect touch of sexy appeal.

This next halter neckline bridal style is sleek and complicated. A high neck, halter combination that provides it with a timeless and modest feel. Really show off shoulders and back with this particular cut.

A halter neckline pairs beautifully having a chic bridal jumpsuit style. A stylish, trendy method to wear this classic neckline. This halter neckline adds a really timeless and glamorous finish for this otherwise contemporary bridal style

Our next halter wedding dress is a stunning goddess worthy design from Carol Hannah. This ethereal gown is a superb way to rock a halter neckline inside a modest and feminine way.


Neck up we now have the classic V-Neckline. It is really tough to go wrong having a classic style such as this. And using the rise from the plunging neckline, v-cut gowns tend to be more exciting than ever before.

Who could it be for: A bride craving classic simplicity or contemporary drama. V-neck styles could be simple and modest, whilst being modern and dramatic. So regardless if you are craving an easy classic cut, or searching for something a little more dramatic and plunging, a V-neck style might be an ideal fit for you personally.

What physical structure does it flatter: Because from the V shape, these necklines draw the attention down the center from the bride, and are usually quite slimming. It you want to showcase a little cleavage, a V-neck gown has you covered. Or if you like the sultry type of a plunging illusion neckline, a deep V-neck gown is going to be absolutely dreamy.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Embrace the classic v-neckline inside a contemporary way such as this plunging neckline gown from Reem Acra. We love this mixture of traditional and contemporary influences here.

Feel sultry and romantic within this next v-neckline cut wedding dress from Ines di Santo. The plunging neckline of the gown is beautifully accented with a high front slit cut.

This next V-neckline wedding dress style is really a bit more classic and subtle. The v-neckline about this gown is classy and absolutely effortless.

Half Penny London brings us our next V-neckline wedding style with this particular playful contemporary two piece. The clean and hard cut V-neckline really pops compared towards the soft fabric and ruffle accents from the rest from the gown.

Most wrap styled wedding dresses will have a V-neckline cut. Wrap styles are classic, and thus flattering on most physical structure. A wrapped V-neckline style such as this has a really sleek and slimming effect.


A square neckline design is equally as it sounds - having a straight cut bust that connects to straps in a right angle, creating the 3 sides of the square or rectangle.

Who could it be for: Square necklines typically have a really elegant and formal feel for them. So this could be perfect for any bride who's looking for any dignified, regal search for her special day.

What physical structure does it flatter: The square cut of the neckline includes a broadening effect. It can provide a bride the look of broader shoulders, and is ideal for balancing out a rounder face!

Here are a few of our favorites:

This first square neckline cut wedding dress is classic and romantic. A stunning princess worthy gown that's sweet and stylish. The square cut of the neckline includes a slight rounded dip to it for any softer feel. And the wide cut broadens the brides neck and chest for any very open feel, without having to sacrifice any coverage or support!

Clean and classic. This next square neckline is classy and stylish. A no fuss style that broadens the brides neck and chest are while still giving optimal coverage and support!

This next square neckline style is really a stunning sleek design from Alexandra Grecco. The square neckline is extremely open inside a clean and straightforward way. A slight V eliminate adds only a pop of excitement for this sophisticated style.

This next sleek and straightforward ball gown from Jenny Yoo includes a slightly scooped wide square neckline that's sophisticated and feminine. The ultra wide cut gives a really open appearance that actually shows from the brides neck and chest. Perfect for revealing a statement necklace or hairstyle.

This square neckline style is easy and chic. It has a really one feel whilst lending excellent coverage and support. This look is about the bride's natural feminine beauty - no fuss.


The every-so-popular strapless neckline expires next. These necklines feature no straps or sleeves and fit snuggly round the bust.

Who could it be for: A strapless style is chic, clean & elegant. This style is for that bride looking to showcase everything over the chest. Neck, shoulders, shoulders and of course her stunning big day hair and makeup. Strapless designs also help you showcase a gorgeous statement necklace in your big day.

What physical structure does it flatter: If a bride includes a larger bust, a strapless style might not be the most comfortable. Since strapless gowns don't feature any straps or sleeves, they provide a lot less support than other necklines do. So if you are searching for support, avoid strapless styles.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Let's start things off having a classic A-line cut strapless gown from Marchesa. This neckline cut is sleek, easy and effortlessly elegant.

Take items to whole new level with this particular strapless neckline style having a V slit accent. This style combines a strapless neckline having a v-neck cut. A fun, unique combination!

A corset cut is really a popular style when you are looking at strapless neckline wedding dresses. This form fitted strapless look will hug all of the curves.

A strapless neckline is really a gorgeous finish for this unique tiered wedding dress. A clean neckline looks gorgeous using the otherwise dramatic texture of the gown.

Our last strapless neckline wedding dress style may be the ever so popular strapless ball gown. This princess worthy cut is loved by brides everywhere. Sophisticated, glamorous, and regal. Plus, who doesn't want to resemble a princess on their special day?

One Shoulder

This next neckline is fairly self explanatory. A one shoulder neckline style includes a single strap or sleeve, leaving the alternative arm and shoulder open.

Who could it be for: A one shoulder neckline style is perfect for any bride who's craving different things. Single shoulder neckline styles are usually slightly less frequent, so that they create a component of excitement and surprise!

What physical structure does it flatter: If you're looking for that open feel of the strapless gown, but need a little more support, a 1 shoulder neckline may be perfect for you personally. Show off some extra shoulder and neck, while showcasing a ultra glam big day hairstyle!

Inbal Dror brings us a really one of the kind one shoulder neckline wedding dress in a stunning blue color. The single shoulder cut of the gown is feminine and unique inside a bold way.

Embrace an ageless style such as this single shoulder cut wedding dress from Bo and Luca. The one shoulder sleeve with slight shoulder puff design is surprising, yet effortless. Get the very best of all possible worlds - strapless and complete sleeve - with this particular stunning style.

Single shoulder neckline cuts don't always have a single sleeve. We love this sleeveless single shoulder cut. It adds a distinctive asymmetric feel towards the top from the gown, while still being soft and subtle. This really provides you with the open feel of the strapless style, but using the coverage and support some brides desire.

We are becoming couture with this particular last single shoulder neckline bridal style. Vera Wang brings us a dramatic eliminate single shoulder contemporary wedding style that's utterly stunning. This look provides you with modest chest coverage, while still revealing plenty of skin using the side cut outs!


A scoop neckline results in a U shaped rounded cut. Scoop necklines tend to have a really flattering and feminine feel for them.

Who could it be for: A bride who's looking to showcase a little chest, and keep this sweet and clean. Although, based on how car the scoop goes, these looks could possibly get quite daring.

What physical structure does it flatter: Scoop necklines are classic and flatter pretty much every body type. The only thing to watch out for may be the size from the scoop. If you're not seeking to show any cleavage, some scoop neckline styles might not suit your tastes.

Half Penny London brings us an attractive contemporary wedding style that includes a soft, feminine scoop neckline. This scoop style is modest, soft and straightforward.

We love the low-cut rounded scoop neckline of the next style from Leanne Marshall. It adds a really feminine touch to a vintage scoop neck design by showing a little more skin and finishing the design and style with delicate spaghetti straps. This cut will be a slightly less modest scoop for brides with fuller chests.

This next scoop neckline gown includes a stunning wide cut scoop with delicate floral petals peaking out of the edges. This style has a really classic, feminine and romantic feel.

Rime Arodaky brings us our next scoop neckline cut bridal style. The smooth, wide scooped neckline paired using the barely there cap sleeves create an ageless, ultra glam style. This cut definitely comes with an effortless, old Hollywood glam feel into it.

The wide scoop neckline is an ideal elegant finish for this all over pearl accented gown. A timeless style mixed having a contemporary textured design. The wide scoop is really flattering and is ideal for showcasing a bold accent necklace.

High Neck

Let's take items to new heights with this next bridal neckline style...the high neck. High neck cuts hit in the bottom of the rides neck, as well as higher for any turtleneck-like look.

Who could it be for: High neck wedding styles have a really regal and modern feel for them. So if you're looking for any high fashion feel, a higher neck style might be perfect for you personally.

What physical structure does it flatter: High necks are ideal for concealing a fuller chest (of the smaller one for instance). High neck cuts typically feature dramatic open backs, so these are ideal for brides seeking to show off some extra shoulder and back on their special day!

This sleek, silk high neck wedding dress is stunning and complicated. An effortless modern wedding style that keeps things clean and chic.

Where are our couture fashion loving babes available. Are you not deeply in love with this unique high neck cut wedding dress from Ines Di Santo? This look has traditional influences infused into a modern day designed bridal style.

We love the ultra high neck and side eliminate design of the next wedding style. This looks shows the best way to have the modesty of the high neckline, without having to sacrifice the sexy appeal of revealing some extra skin!

Take this neckline style towards the extreme like with this particular ultra high neck collared bridal style from Laure de Sagazan. A designer, artistic neckline that's sophisticated and contemporary.

Our last high neckline wedding dress comes from Rebecca Schoneveld. This sophisticated lace high neck gown provides you with modest check coverage while still using a feminine feel using its semi-sheer appearance.

Off the Shoulder

Bring on some princess worthy romance with this next neckline cut - from the shoulder. Off the shoulder necklines have straps that don't rest in the tops from the shoulders, but instead drape from the side of these.

Who could it be for: Off the shoulder styles are for that ultra romantic bride. If you are seeking to show off some extra shoulder and neck in your big day, then try some from the shoulder styles! And just like a strapless neckline, from the shoulder cuts are ideal for showcasing your hairstyle or some extra bling in your big day.

What physical structure does it flatter: Off the shoulder necklines provide a romantic, flattering feel to any physique. But, for brides having a fuller chest, this style might not give you the give you support need for your special day - so make sure to try on different from the shoulder cuts.

We love the couture, fashion forward feel of the off the shoulder wedding dress from Danielle Frankel. The from the shoulder and v-neck combination of the gown showcases the bride to be's neck and shoulders beautifully. Perfect for revealing those statement earrings!

This next from the shoulder wedding dress has a really clean, romantic look. This simple to wear, flattering cut would look amazing on a lot of brides. Show off some extra shoulder inside a feminine and chic way.

This next from the shoulder neckline gown really brings the drama. The from the shoulder cut is much more drastic about this gown than others for any bold, big day style. Remember - for the brides needing a little more support, this low cut from the shoulder design might not be the very best choice. But if you're really looking to showcase some shoulder inside a dramatic way, a cut such as this would be perfect!

Zuhair Murad brings us our next from the shoulder neckline wedding dress with this stunning unique draped sleeve look. This romantic, fairytale worthy ball gown is drastically stunning.

We love the princess worthy feel of the next romantic from the shoulder style. Semi sheer, gathered tulle from the shoulder sleeves give this look a dreamy ethereal feel.


Boatneck cuts follows the natural curve of the brides collar bone, developing a wider opening neckline that cuts over the tops from the shoulders. Think from the happy medium from a scoop neck and from the shoulder neckline style!

Who could it be for: These necklines can give you the greater open feel of an from the shoulder or strapless style, while still providing you with support in the shoulders. Have you cake and eat it too having a classy bateau style!

What physical structure does it flatter: This classy style is flattering for so many physical structure. It shows off the perfect amount of neck, shoulder, and chest - and keep you supported and chic for your special day!

This bateau neckline wedding dress from Sophie et Voila is effortless and chic. This neckline gives a really open, yet modest and polished appearance.

This next boatneck style wedding dress shows precisely how classic and stylish this neckline cut is. This modest and polished style is really effortless and regal.

Another boatneck wedding dress that shows precisely how sophisticated and timeless this neckline style is. The modest neckline of the gown is balanced with a sleek formfitting silhouette. When you are looking at fit - this cut is modest with the neckline, and can definitely hug a bride with the hips

A modest and complicated boatneck neckline wedding gown having a delicate form hugging silhouette. This clean, no-fuss boatneck wedding dress is regal and timeless.

Next you will find there's lace boatneck style that's elegant and romantic. The boatneck cut of the neckline really adds towards the already romantic and feminine feel of the lace gown. With complete sleeves, this plus size wedding dresses has a more modest feel into it.


Illusion necklines are only for drama and surprise. These styles provide a barely-there appearance, while still giving a bride the slight support and coverage she needs.

Who could it be for: Illusion necklines are extremely on trend in the moment, so if you're a fashion forward bride, these exciting styles may be just what you are searching for!

What physical structure does it flatter: Illusion necklines can flatter most physical structure depending on the unique style and cut. Illusion necklines may match another neckline design for example off-the-shoulder or v-neck - so refer towards the other cuts where needed.

We love this illusion cap sleeve neckline that covers an intimate sweetheart cut underneath.

Our next illusion neckline gown includes a super sheer appearance into it that makes it almost completely invisible. A look such as this makes appliqué elements (like florals) appear to float effortlessly against the bride to be.

The illusion neckline style works beautifully with sleeved wedding dresses. Because from the sheer illusion tulle, the sleeves of the gown merge effortlessly in to the rest from the gown.

We love the short sleeve illusion design of the next illusion neckline bridal style. This illusion neckline is nice and feminine whilst being contemporary and edgy.

Our last illusion neckline style showcases this design inside a slightly different way. A strapless illusion from the shoulder cut is really a truly one of the kind style that's romantic and feminine. A great method to incorporate an illusion neckline cut, while still having shoulders and neck completely open.


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