Top Tips For Writing Your Wedding Vows

It’s time to make it official and for some, that bridesmaid dresses creating the perfect declaration of love for your other half! Writing vows that are meaningful and memorable isn’t an exact science. So when it comes to saying those special words of affirmation in front of your closest family and friends, here are our top tips on how to really make them count!

Sentimental is the way to go when it comes to pledging your forever! Speak from the heart and let your partner know not just how much you love them, but why.

Make promises that are personal to you two. It’ll feel extra special to include tidbits that speak to the couple you are, from vowing to keep a favorite ice-cream flavor stocked, to listening to a song you both love before bed each night.

Start off your journey as newlyweds with a little humor! Everyone loves a laugh, so whether it’s a silly story or a witty observation, you can never go wrong with funny!

Give it a trial run! What sounds good in your head, and on paper, might not translate as well out loud. A little practice goes a long way in making sure your vows run smoothly!

Keep things semi-short and sweet! While you may have an endless amount to say, your ceremony doesn’t have an princess wedding dresses amount of time, so think about which words of love matter most!


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