Becoming Mermaid in Fairy Tale – 8 Ultra-dreamy Mermaid Wedding Dresses to Add to Your Inspo Board

Have you ever dreamt of being the little mermaid while reading Anderson’s storybook? Although the ending doesn’t opt for the fancy, the real love, the romantic ceremony, should be deeply rooted inside the bottom of the heart. Who can’t state that you hadn’t taken into account the big wedding scenario?

Speaking of the big day, the wedding dresses should be one of the most essential things. Then, vintage or modern style? While the heavy billowing skirt and poetic embroidery will also be fail-safe selections for nuptials, a mermaid shape is another great alternative if you wish to add a modern twist to some bridal look. Fishtail-like shapes elongate your body, however with just enough volume within the skirt to include the requisite amounts of drama. The moment you are in the mermaid wedding gown, that’s exactly what the storybook becomes true.

Tracing back the Mermaid dress: why the design and style are very popular?

The mermaid dress first appeared in the 1870s and 1880s, those days when s-shape fashion was popular in Europe. To maximum narrowness, women wore corsets that embraced the hips and also the back from the leg. Seems so uncomfortable, right? But you can't ever undervalue women’s determination to become pretty. Later, fashion magazines catch this trend and started to promote suits with puffed flanks which were made with canastas, which indicated an infinitely more marked silhouette in the waist along with a fishtail similar to some mermaids.

But why is the mermaid dress very popular, because of the French designer Marcel Rochas’s Haute catwalks in the 1930s? His trademark hourglass style was his tribute to the female form. One of the most iconic moments from the mermaid silhouette was when Swedish model Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn was photographed by her husband Irving Penn for that September issue of Vogue 1950s. Since then, the mermaid dress had become the favorite option for Hollywood, from Marilyn Monroe to Rita Hayworth and Dorothy Dandridge.

Until now, the mermaid dress still fulfills women’s all fantasies of beauty, that is frequently used for fashion shows, weddings, along with other formal occasions. It’s an excellent style for complementing your curves and snatching that waist, the elegant fishtail skit is like the mermaid in a storybook, so it’s easy to understand why the design and style are very popular.

Undoubtedly, with a stylish, form-fitting silhouette and drama-flaring skirt, you will find endless good reasons to fall in love with a mermaid wedding gown. But, they will also be considered to be probably the most unmanageable silhouettes to decorate in general. If you are looking for a dreamy wedding gown but still hesitate about whether for selecting the mermaid shape. Don’t worry, here are some tips and tricks from the Ever-Pretty team to assist you.

1. Choose according to the marriage scene

Before you begin to choose your wedding gown, it’s usually a good idea to think about the scene, such as the marriage style or theme. If you develop dreams of a fairy-tale wedding, then your mermaid wedding gown is ideal for it! Just picture the formal gathering, romantic flowers, even dreamlike bobbles in the air, and also you wearing the mermaid wedding gown. Is there another beautiful scenario more positive than that?

2. Choose according to you shape

What helps make the mermaid wedding gown so fitting may be due to the presence of the sewn or separate corset, which beautifully tightens and accentuates the waist, making the figures visually tighten and slim. If you are an hourglass physique, an inverted physique, and a rectangle physique, then the mermaid shape is simply for you!

What’s more, the mermaid style also emphasizes the hips, if you don’t wish to highlight this part, it’s easier to refuse such a wedding gown. Someone may state that a mermaid shape isn’t fit for anybody. It’s correct that there indeed somebody shapes perfectly matching the silhouette of the mermaid wedding gown. But it’s your entire day, in the end, should you adore this dress, follow for the heart!

3. Choose according to that dress fabric

Different fabrics could make different styles. For a mermaid wedding gown, satin will make it both stand-out, but classic at the same time. The incredible sense of how it slips on the skin may be the reason for selecting it. And the way it glows and glitters within the light will even add a special moment of impression.


Inspo board: 8 ultra-dreamy mermaid wedding gowns in Ever Pretty

If you'll need a mermaid wedding gown to fit your figure just like a glove, hide an imperfection, and accentuate every virtue, Ever-Pretty has prepared for you personally. Here we hit on 8 mermaid wedding dresses for you personally, have a look!

1. Off-shoulder floor-length mermaid wedding gown

Let this dramatic silhouette perform the talking and go for an untouched, unadorned mermaid wedding gown. This wedding gown is perfect for revealing your curves using its fishtail silhouette and off-shoulder neckline. The fitted bodice, natural waist, and satin skirt all work together for that ultimate bridal glamour. You can add some bling to this dress using the beading on it, or make it simple and elegant.

2. V-neck fitted lace mermaid wedding gown

This stunning mermaid wedding gown oozes chic and complicated style in each and every way. It is really amazing using its mermaid silhouette and V-neck design, as the lace fabric adds some charm and romance to your special day.

3. Sweetheart-neck tulle shrugs mermaid wedding gown

If considering a mermaid wedding gown, opt for that one! With the flowy tulle shrug and sweetheart-neck design, you will discover yourself just like a fairytale of fairies. The sculpted cut also helps make the dress a curve-catching triumph.

4. Lace ruffle sleeves mermaid wedding gown

It’s an ideal style should you be seeking to create a different search for your storybook wedding. This pretty mermaid wedding gown comes with a subtle fishtail design, that could perfectly outline sexy body curves. Besides, the flattering lace ruffle sleeves produce a romantic vibe at the same time.

5. Applique off-shoulder bodycon mermaid wedding gown

With a simple and stylish design, this mermaid wedding gown is ideal for those looking for an understated look. The off-shoulder neckline and applique details result in the dress looking delicate and romantic. In addition, the fishtail silhouette can also be super adorable, providing you with a va-va-voom figure.

6. Lace sweetheart-neck long flare sleeves mermaid wedding gown

If you’ve got your set on romance but sparkle and shine really are a little excessive amount of, consider head-to-toe lace instead. The lace design perfectly draws your waist and cleverly creates an accentuated hourglass shape. The flare sleeves include some elegant elements. Imagine the flowy sleeves within the wind, making the elegance so effortless!

7. Off-shoulder long sleeves bodycon mermaid wedding gown

Wanna low-key and sculpted? You have to try that one! The off-shoulder design is going to be perfect for revealing your curves, as the long sleeves with delicate flor adornment give a touch of femininity and you look ultra-dreamy on your special day.

8. Sweetheart-neck strapless lace mermaid wedding gown

Lace and tulle are timeless themes for wedding gowns, and we bet you’ll still adore them even half a century later. The sweetheart-neck is really a striking addition that makes you stick out. The mermaid shape is to-die-for, seriously we are jealous associated with a bride who reaches walks the aisle within this.


From Anderson’s mermaid in the storybook, and the classic mermaid dress style on the red carpet, to nowadays ball gown wedding dress on a large day. The mermaid shape never fades away, still, it fulfills all fancy for each girl. So why wouldn’t you attempt mermaid wedding gowns?

Whether you would like the simplest gown or even the most complicated outfit, Ever-Pretty got your look. It’s your time and effort to make the ideal come true! Just like the legendary time’s fashion photographer, Bill Cunningham said, fashion may be the armor to outlive the reality of everyday routine. Dress up in your preferred mermaid wedding gown, and make this special day never!

We hope our advice will prove helpful and can't wait for the comments.


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