Debating when you should say “I do?” Weekend weddings would be the norm, but weekday bridesmaid dresses take description the rise – and for good reason! Here are our main reasons why we’re fans of the weekday wedding!

The savings. Caterers, photographers, florists, along with other vendors will frequently offer you reduced prices for hosting a weekday wedding. This means you’ll get all of your dream vendors at the dream price.

The venue. Have your heart set on the dream venue? Chances are you’re more prone to secure the ideal location on the weekday.

The date. Is it a particular date that means a lot to you and your spouse? Make it your wedding reception, even when it lands throughout the week!

Intimate affair. Some guests are probably not able to make a midweek event. So embrace a scaled-down big day with your closest friends and family.

Destination options. Airfare and travel choices are typically more affordable on weekdays, meaning you'll have a destination wedding and remain under budget.

Break tradition. For our modern brides seeking to break from tradition, getting your wedding on a weekday is a superb option within the traditional Saturday or Sunday wedding.

Long Celebration. With a weekday wedding (and likely removing extra time from work), you can celebrate the wedding all week long.

Guest accommodations. Are you thinking about having guests from vacation? Hotels and overnight stay choices are more affordable throughout the week, saving you as well as your guest additional money.

No competition. Weekday weddings aren’t as popular, meaning there’s not as likely a chance that the guests may have multiple wedding invites they’ll need to choose between.

Ready to plan your weekday wedding? Get started today using ours online for free wedding planning toolkit! We’ve got everything you’ll need, out of your vision board, the best wedding checklist, universal registry & personalized wedding website!


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