We met freshman year attending college through my twin brother. We began to intentionally date in January of this year. He was my first and last boyfriend. He is a guy of faith and high character, he works harder than anyone I know and leads with gentleness and kindness. As I reached to know him more, I found each one of these characteristics to keep true. I knew he was the individual I wanted to invest the rest of my entire life with.

Where do I begin… We both wanted that it is a surprise and that's hard once the girl is hopeful and expectant of the proposal. We knew we desired to get married after graduating college, so, a proposal senior year was fair game. Jacob and I share a love for hiking and adventuring. Since we were without the opportunity to camp with friends in the summertime, Jacob had the concept to plan a visit with some of our close friends on the fall weekend. Before suggesting the weekend visit to me, he secretly communicated with this friend (one being a photographer) and shared his intention to propose.

When they were all aboard, he explained his idea to camp with friends, not to mention, that I thought it was an excellent plan. Then, he'd me begin a group message with all of my friends to plan the trip. They played along (since the trip was secretly already planned). We wound up going to a cabin in Arkansas. Our photographer friend suggested we go on the sunrise hike to Whitaker point (again, it was Jacob’s idea filtered through our friend).

When we reached the lookout, the photographer started to take pictures of Jacob searching at the sunrise. He inquired about joining him for any cute handful of pictures. After a few shots, Jacob considered me and transpired on one knee. I was in shock and was overwhelmed with joy and love. Of course, I said Yes, and that we had a day filled with celebrations to follow along with. It was among the happiest days of my entire life!

I was available to any style and find the prom dresses that caught my attention. My mom and some good friends helped me choose dresses. I tried on the few that people liked a great deal, but, when I tried on THE dress, everyone stood track of chills throughout their body. It was the tear-jerking moment that sold the gown. The dress is lightweight and accentuated my petite figure but made me seem like a princess.

Be open-minded because even though you think you realize EXACTLY what you would like, you might be surprised by what you should fall in love with. Choose dresses just for fun, because you never know, an outfit you never expected could be the perfect choice for you. Wait for the moment that you simply imagine yourself walking down that aisle feeling such as the most beautiful bride on the planet.


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