A Fun + Relaxed Winter Wedding

Leanne, a lead retail asset manager on Regent Street, and Charlie, a house agent who advises restaurateurs searching for premises in central London, married on 15th November this past year.

"We wanted something relaxed, cool and different, I was also keen for everybody to stay together which means this was an ideal venue. We only checked out this venue and fell deeply in love with it as soon as we saw it. The theme for the whole day was so that it is relaxed, fun yet as personal as you possibly can. We didn't wish to wish to be bound by rules or tradition – prefer eclectic and contemporary and pay meticulous focus on detail."

"We had known one another for four years before together, once we both worked in property. We often needed to deal with each other and therefore became friends before getting together. Charlie proposed around the evening on our first day within our first apartment together in Kings Cross."

The best men wore blue suits with green knitted ties.

Leanne and Charlie decided to commission a bit of Art as a symbolic gift to each other to celebrate their love for one another. The piece was through the famous artist, who had been asked to get this, especially for their wedding.

Art means a lot to the couple – Charlie founded his passion for art through his sister Louise, and in their time together Charlie and Leanne have spent time learning, enjoying, and creating art.

The couple had legally got married inside a registry office in London a couple of weeks before their Babington House celebration.

The bride entered the ceremony together with her father to the sound of Des'ree's 'Kissing You, sung by the bride's sister.

The couple's ceremony included the lyrics to 'Lucky Star' by Madonna – I could not love this more! You will find other beautiful reading suggestions.

"We wrote our very own vows, taking inspiration using their company weddings we'd attended, and endless researching online. The ceremony lasted 25 minutes in most."

The bridesmaid dresses looked utterly gorgeous in their dresses and fresh flowers and foliage in their hair.

"I desired to keep accessories low and those that desired to wear them could wear the things they wanted. I wanted each bridesmaids personality to stand out on your day."

As the celebrations progressed, the pair and their gang enjoyed the very best evening party…

"We chose DJ as your daughter's groom had seen them play several times on his ski season (a long time previous), they're hugely talented beatboxers and played two sets either side of the specific DJ we hired."

"We also had Parisian DJ, Herve Siard, to combine our first dance for all of us, in addition, to playing a unique 30 min set. We also used to play into the small hours of the night (post-Duke!)."

"All of those songs are our favorites – we now have danced until silly o'clock to Tom Misch, attended a Hiatus Kaiyote gig together and Madonna is simply so fun!"

Words of Wedded Wisdom

"Make sure you intend to spend a while together. Charlie and I requested 10 mins together straight following the ceremony where I was left alone to drink a glass of champagne, this is special and I needed that point with him to take what just happened?!"

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