A Fun, Woodland-Inspired Humanist Wedding

Meet Hannah, a midwife, and Chris, a completely independent coffee shop manager. They were married around 4 October 2018 in the wonderfully named Gloucestershire, within the beautiful Cotswolds. The couple resides in London but were keen on any rural getaway for her wedding day, especially as Hannah was raised in Gloucestershire. After viewing seven potential venues in a single day, Owlpen was the final, and Hannah and Chris were enchanted by its seclusion.

"We liked the concept of a rustic, woodland, ethereal vibe. We wanted an autumn wedding due to the amazing colors. I decorated the venue myself with greenery in the Stroud, logs for the tables were supplied by a friend, jam jars we painstakingly collected and Chris washed! I wanted to make use of greenery and wood to help keep it quite simple and understated – because the autumn colors from the grounds were already naturally sourced."

There's an attractive, bohemian Art Nouveau feel to Hannah's dress, using its pretty embellished tulle sleeves.

"I wanted a reasonably relaxed fit, nothing too tight or bling because this isn’t me. I loved the cut from the dress because it complimented my shape well, falling perfectly out of all the right places. The button detail and also the intricate overlay was dreamy making me seem like a total goddess."

Hannah finished off her dress having a blush pink ribbon sash embellished with silk flowers to match the shades of both bridesmaid's outfits and flowers perfectly.

Chris looked great in trousers along with a shirt together by having an oatmeal-colored tweed jacket. Chris' burgundy pocket square and bow tie (in addition to his braces, and people of his groomsmen) also came thanks to James Lear of Arundel, and Chris finished off his outfit with classic boots.

"We met in 2013 in Melbourne, Australia. And it had been all because of our close friend Ruth. Chris decided, after meeting Ruth in the cafe where he worked, he would pluck in the courage to obtain her number and get her out. Unfortunately for Chris, Ruth prefers ladies! But the two became drinking pals after which Chris and I were introduced. After several tequilas, lots of Skype calls along with a few months of long-distance relationship we started our journey together within the UK when Chris flew back on Valentine's Day to be with me."

"We got engaged at Christmas 2016 – Chris was very nervous concerning the whole thing coupled with planning to place the ring inside a box within the stocking – however, things didn't visit plan and he panicked. I didn't assist the situation by looking into commenting 'I wonder the number of people will get engaged at Christmas, it's so cliche.' Poor guy! He then took me to the bottom of the garden to obtain my present and proposed there. I researched to see our families within the kitchen watching on, clapping, and cheering."

"My favorite part of the day was walking into the gardens towards the ceremony, seeing all of our friends and family together and Chris waiting there at the top of the steps. I think I almost saw a tear – but he denies it."

On hand to capture all this rich, autumn color and magical seasonal light was the photographer Stuart, whose lovely work we're featuring here around the blog for that very first time.

"Stuart was a complete pleasure from start to finish. Excellent communication leading up towards the wedding dresses and ever the professional. On your day he just blended in whilst I was getting ready, and also at times you wouldn't have noticed he was there. Guests commented how relaxed and friendly he was, which suited the ethos of our day. There weren't a lot of structured photos, and we just trusted his intuition using the shots."

"Stuart even was able to give Chris and me much-needed time alone, from everyone to savor each other's company and consume our day. Having Stuart as our photographer was the dream and we couldn't recommend him enough."

"When we received the photos back they didn't disappoint, so we have some hard choices to make because there are so many wonderful, natural shots. He captured the fun and love from the day effortlessly. We couldn't be happier using the results."

"I don't think I might have changed anything. We were so lucky using the weather, too, once we had to result in the final decision around the morning from the wedding to visit inside or out. Even though it had been overcast we decided to go outside because it wasn't raining. But the ceremony was at 1:30 and through the time we walked away the sun was shining. We had clear blue skies and It helped me feel like my mum was taking care of us."

Words of Wedded Wisdom

"As many many individuals will tell you, it will go that quickly. Take time to spend 5 minutes together with your partner, as honestly, we all want to talk to you or have a picture. We were lucky our photographer was great and gave us an ideal opportunity to just enjoy each other's company."

"And I would recommend obtaining a good photographer and investing inside a videographer. Especially because it goes so quickly. I've already watched ours about 20 times and I still well up when I watch it back. It's much more special for all of us, once we have something to appear over and show our son Finn within the future."

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