A Charming + Elegant Countryside Wedding

Solicitor Emma and history teacher Rob were married on 26th May 2018 in the award-winning luxury in Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire.

"We'd visited venues within the Cotswold area but instantly fell in love with the Cotswold House Hotel the moment we saw it – it simply ticked our boxes."

To set the memories during the day in stone and capture the special moment on camera, the pair recruited the expertise of alternative wedding photographer Sheryl Fish.

"We are serial eye closers and hate posing for photos, but even though, Sheryl got some really beautiful shots. Not only that, she was very excited to have around at the time and made everyone feel so comfortable. Our guests loved her too, so much a couple of them have previously booked her for his or her weddings on our anniversary!"

"Rob and I had our first date inside a pub that served Thai food. Rob had forgotten to book a table and was winging it. Fortunately, it didn't matter and he got all of those other evenings right! The proposal came the weekend following our anniversary whenever we were out to dinner once more."

"We reached dessert and I asked when my other present could be arriving. Rob then reached into his pocket and brought out the ring box. I played it cool, hesitant to assume it had been an engagement ring after which he sheepishly asked if I would marry him. The program was to propose an upcoming visit to Berlin, but he got scared the ring could be somehow discovered in the airport!"

Emma's dad accompanied her on the aisle, walking directly into Canon in D by Pachelbel, and also the bride decided on a traditional white lace dress via Stonehouse for that occasion.

"It was my first dress shopping day and although I knew what style I wanted, I tried on around 12 dresses as a whole. That was the way we knew it had been 'the one'. I loved the form and fit of the dress, and also the lace detailing. It was the gown that felt probably the most right, all it needed was some straps, that have been an easy addition to create."

"Although a marriage is special and a lot of things about your day are out of the ordinary, I wanted to help keep my scent consistent."

The bride's babes each wore complete navy dresses, to go with the groom and the groomsmen's navy 3-piece suits. The groom's extras included a pink tie and a wristwatch, a present from his bride-to-be on the morning of the wedding.

Following the ceremony, guests were treated to canapes along with a drinks reception within the glorious sunshine, before heading indoors for that wedding breakfast provided through the venue.

"Instead of the traditional wedding dresses cake, we opted for any Cornish cream tea with clotted cream and strawberry jam, decorated with fresh strawberries, all given by. We didn’t think either ourselves or our guests would particularly have a traditional cake as much as a cream tea! Rob and the family are Cornish so it had been also a nod to his roots."

"Our first dance song was Wildfire by Seafret. We love this guitar rock band and have to see them live. This song particularly is special to us. It’s both upbeat and slow enough for any first dance and also the lyrics are extremely wedding appropriate!"

"The video for that song can also be quite interesting as it's based on a social experiment to ascertain if it's feasible for strangers to fall madly in love. A group of volunteers accepts to be put in pairs, after which answer the same 36 questions then, in the end, they need to stare into the eyes of each other for 4 minutes."

Words Of Wedded Wisdom

"Try to savor the planning and organizing and get it done together. After all of the perceived stress, you'll miss your day it's throughout! Choosing the venue is likely to be probably the most stressful part."

"Don't sweat the little stuff at the time. It's likely nobody will observe that it should happen to be any different which time is much better spent enjoying it and ensuring you remember all of the great moments. Even if things do fail, it makes your day more intriguing and more 'yours' – people won't forget it!"

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