A Rainy Day, Chemistry Inspired Wedding in Edinburgh

I'm delighted to become sharing the marriage of a Chemistry Ph.D. The couple exchanged vows at St Margaret's RC Church in South Queensferry, then a reception in Edinburgh.

The couple chose Laura of Derbyshire based to capture their day.

"Laura is professional and calmed my bridal nerves in most of her pre-wedding Skype calls. When it found the big day she had already scouted the perfect locations for the wedding photographs and she or he went far above especially within the pouring rain to obtain us an ideal picture which we cherish! Laura is discrete on your day and managed to obtain such beautiful, natural pictures of every single one of our guests."

"I desired to match the elegance and simplicity of my dress and showcase the lace detail at the rear of my prom dresses so I opted for any slick back look having a low bun."

"I can continue to picture as soon as I walked the fitting room wearing my dress Goddess. I was deeply in love with the elegance, the tranquility of yet the flare it had of the beautiful lace back. And I never thought I would have a wedding gown that had those qualities and was comfortable."

"I ordered a bespoke bouquet which allowed me to choose certain flowers and colors. The bouquet was massive and I appreciated the assistance from my bridesmaids who tried on the extender to create my bride's bouquet and the button holes for the wedding party. I chose eucalyptus because it reminds me of when I was accustomed to living in Australia. Chloe from Mud seemed to be so useful to recommend flowers which were in season and would tie in using the blue tones from the bridesmaid dresses."

"For the bridesmaids, it was another DIY job, where I purchased metal hoops and tied eucalyptus from along with a few selected white flowers. We tied ribbons around the end of every hoop and also the girls loved them!"

"Philip and I met at Heriot-Watt University whilst both studying Chemistry. We were always great friends and admittedly, our soft spots for every other grew, and after leaving university we began dating. We had been dating just for over 3 years and we regularly discussed our plans to obtain married."

"However, Philip wanted to create the engagement a surprise so carrying out a trip back from Italy he'd tried to put me from the scent. Little did I know he'd the ring in the jacket pocket for seven whole months before he proposed on the scenic evening walk overlooking the 3 bridges at South Queensferry."

"We were both very excited and achieving discussed what we should see our ideal wedding being like I was booking suppliers right after the engagement. We set the date for the 6th of April 2019 as Easter is my favorite season. So I was engaged for a little within a year and a half."

"Our ceremony occurred at St Margaret's RC Church in South Queensferry – our local Roman Catholic church, and also the church Philip went to since he would be a child together with his family and also the one we currently attend together."

"Therefore, it had been really special for all of us to have the big event there and a lot from the local church community found to support us on the marriage day which is heart-warming."

"Every dish was an individual choice of the items Philip and I prefer to eat and it is nice to become able to share that with these guests. And of course, I was very proud of our DIY skills making our very our Periodic Table-inspired seating intend to fuel our inner scientists."

"Both Philip and myself love a little café in Edinburgh called. The café delivers healthy food and also the cakes are delicious, too a being dairy and gluten-free! We ordered a candy and fudge cake that was decorated with real flowers, dairy-free chocolate blocks, and date balls."

"Our favorite part of your day was the final song from the night, Loch Lomond. Philip and I were within the middle of the circle encompassed by all our family and friends. It was this type of special moment. All these everyone was here to celebrate and support our love for every other and that we feel that is exactly what weddings are truly about."

Words of Wedded Wisdom

"I would also say don't be afraid of the rain. As the marriage day came closer and closer and also the weather started to look worse I worried about it. But in fact, those ivory umbrellas became an iconic feature in our wedding photos! And our photographer Laura loved the Scottish mist which gave our photos an amazing atmosphere."

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