Heartfelt Vintage: Dior Bride

I am immensely proud that you can support the person in our favorite.

Our recommended supplier, which concentrates on the most utterly beautiful vintage bridal fashion, has shared these beautiful images inspired by Dior.

"We desired to create a bridal shoot that paid homage to Dior's iconic 'New Look' and gave us a chance to indulge in some pure, vintage styling. We often style our assortment of vintage prom dresses and vintage-inspired accessories to suit a more contemporary context, but we wanted this shoot to become heavily evocative from the late 1940s and early ."

"Our concept and inventive direction were created on a three-hour bus journey back from London to Bristol following an inspirational trip to the Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams exhibition in the V&A."

"For vintage lovers and fashion designers alike, Dior is viewed as the godfather of recent fashion design. His 'New Look' defined a period and it continues to become replicated, copied, and reproduced today."

"From the styling towards the setting and also the photography towards the poses we desired to be as authentic as you possibly can. Our photographer took inspiration from vintage fashion photography, particularly iconic photographers from the time for example Cecil Beaton and Norman Parkinson."

"Our florist created wrist and lapel corsages which were popular at the time. Our seamstress took two very pedestrian M&S jackets from the local charity and re-shaped all of them with boning to produce the classic New Look shape. One of our models, Evie is the granddaughter of the original Dior model."

Article produced at: https://www.feeltimes.com


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