White could be the traditional option, but bold brides all over have long decided and learned that it's only some of the ones available. In most cases, many often choose an off-white colour to assist display their personality. Blush may once happen to be the "go-to" colour for bridesmaid gowns, however, many brides have found the colour lets them give a touch of romance, warmth and delicacy to their look.

Shades of Intimacy

One of the very immediately noticeable aspects of a blush dress may be the sense of delicacy and intimacy that the colour adds when contrasting with the skin. More tasteful than other pink shades, having a lighter and purer look than 'champagne', dresses like Lady within our Victoria Jane collection showcase this aspect on top of that.

This intimate side of blush dresses works perfectly with beaded, embroidered bodices and mirage sleeves that provide just the faintest dazzle which brings those tones alive.

Touches of Warmth

One of the reasons more women are going to express themselves with blush dresses is because they give a touch of warmth to the look, too. While white dresses might be associated with light, sacredness, and purity, some do locate them a little too cold or lifeless for her tastes. Good contrast with your skin tones might help, but a warmer colour can solve that issue entirely.

A ball gown design and pleated skirt give a more endearing light to people brides who want to convey that warmth and care within their aesthetic.

Flashes of Colour

For bolder brides, a part of the appeal is based on the simple ability to give a little more colour to their dress for any modern memorable look.

Light tints of blush help bring the ivory silhouette alive, while a dash more colour within the fishtail design adds personality and stopping power to the dress. This is a perfect illustration of how just a little contrast between your skirt and also the rest of the dress can heighten the impact of both, developing a compelling look instead of one that needs to be strictly consistent.

There are generally modern and classic designs making better utilization of blush nowadays. You can give a little warmth and intimacy to traditional looks, or create a visual that's all of your own, pushing the boundaries and turning heads while you do. A blush dress enables you to look just a little outside the box while still maintaining the sunshine and pristine appeal of the wedding dresses. Take a closer look at our collection for any range of dresses obtainable in off-whites that might help you express yourself, on the right path on your day.


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