Brad was the nephew of my neighbors' becoming an adult, to who I was very close. My neighbors purchased a holiday van on the coast when I was involved 16, as well as their older nephew 'Brad', had become the house sitter on their behalf. So, I guess I was the lady next door! He inquired about around to look at a movie, and almost 10 years later… here I am!

We love to travel - Brad proposed when I was on a 5-week journey around the US in 2019, starting in Seattle and ending in LA, through Glacier, Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Arches, Zion, and Bryce national parks. He waited 30 days into the trip and also the day after my birthday, through which point I was completely from the scent coupled with spent the majority of the holiday up to then complaining to him when he had been organized, 'this spot would have been ideal for a proposal!'. When he finally made it happen, I was hiking the Park Avenue walk at Arches national park in the sun rose, without another soul around - it had been magical!

As for that dress, I had always thought I probably wanted a higher neck wedding gown, then one more slimline, but was truly available to anything. I also love anything sparkly so I did hope that maybe I could find something with sequins or sparkles...

Because of the beautiful back, I wasn't sure in regards to a veil as I didn't wish to cover the back from the dress. However, I wound up wearing my mate / Matron of Honor's veil for that ceremony and photos, and I am glad that I did. It is special so that you can wear a veil that meant a lot, and it had been so simple that I think it complimented the detailed back perfectly!

We picked the venue partly for that reason. We didn't desire a 'cookie cutter' wedding - our favorite wedding dresses we've been to will always be the ones in which you walk away and think 'wow, which was SO 'X' and 'X'!' and that we wanted just that for our day. If we'd to sum up our relationship in a single word it might be 'fun' - therefore we didn't want chandeliers or red carpets or linen chair covers, because none of those things are us! We loved the concept that we could choose everything - but after doing that, I understand it's not everybody!

About the budget, my advice is always to know in the early stages what your financial allowance is. Things accumulate extremely quickly and also you don't wish to be caught off guard!

If you need to skimp on things, don't skimp on your photographer! You spend a lot of your entire day with your photographer, plus they are the things you keep forever. The day gets into such a blur (everyone explained this, but I can't emphasize how true this is!) and our photos feel just like a way to relive it again and again.

A close second was sneaking on to get photos with my 'husband', just us and our photographer/videographer. Having a moment to ourselves between the craziness from the day was a surprise highlight from the day.

The funniest moment was really before the formalities…. I started my big day by sharing a tea outside around the balcony with my beautiful closest friend and bridesmaid Geneva, admiring the vista and referring to the day ahead. As the sun rose, it had been misty and peaceful. Suddenly, a bird flew at full speed into the glass pool fence nearby. It sat lifeless for some time until suddenly, its wings moved there was life! We both cheered after which couldn't stop laughing. Wedding day saved!

One last tip…I was built with a bustle added towards the Druina and promptly broke it about an hour into the wedding when I sat down around the bus transporting us back from getting photos together around the beach towards the reception. Ladies, don't sit down together with your dress bustled!

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