I cranked up my own business when my previous marriage stopped working. I wanted to be my very own boss to ensure that I could take my young girl Mollie back and forth from school. After living abroad for some time, we returned to the UK and decided to settle in Lincoln. My aim on our return ended up being to meet new people making business connections so I used different business events. Kev and I met in a networking meeting 11 years back. He came straight to me as I walked with the door, having a big smile and that he had his give away stretched saying "Hi I'm Kevin and my company is Lovett Electrical, include me to obtain a coffee and breakfast" All with the meeting I could feel his eyes burning into me, each time I researched, he'd produce the biggest smile. I kept thinking; Why does that guy keep taking a look at me!

We became friends easily and spent many evenings through the years in my kitchen working alongside one another. He would do invoices, quotes, or designs, and I could be studying. He would be a bit of the serial dater and I was still being very much chaos from my marriage breakdown, therefore we were like brother and sister with no squabbles! A while later we continued a trip to Amsterdam as mates, but as it happens came home with weight loss than friends. We were shocked, but our friends certainly weren't and said time - they might see something we couldn't!

We visited Hill Holt Woods in the morning one Sunday the industry woodland area having a café that also holds weddings and events. As we sat down I said as we ever did get married, then the is where it could be, just like I sent it an enormous dragonfly landed on Kev's head, a bumblebee landed on his shoulder along with a butterfly landed on his back, all inside a triangle! He said well this is a sign when I saw one! Just a robin flew right by us, this can be a spirit animal often related to lost family members and that sealed the offer for us, as opposed to a traditional proposal.

Two peacocks reside in the woods who had lost their tail feathers, therefore we asked employees when they grew back and were advised in the Spring, therefore we chose April as the start of spring for the nuptials. I love Angel numbers and asked Kev if any were significant to him with his mum's birthday being the 25th we quickly picked our date.

Everything is easy to plan and fell into place perfectly... Until covid19. When the 25th came and weddings weren't allowed to occur the 2 people took a picnic towards the field at the top of our garden, said our vows, placed on our rings once we drank dark wine. I said, all we want now is an infant Bambi to look, and within a few moments one did! Out of nowhere just stood taking a look at us before turning and walking away. A deer as being a very spiritual animal symbolizes luck, the finish of hardship, and gentleness.

Well, I started running to lose weight naturally over lockdown and my neighbor said she thought I would squeeze into her old wedding gown and said I could happily borrow it. For me, it was going to become my wedding dresses gown because I thought I was going to become too mortified at the inability to squeeze into any nice dresses inside a store. Also because this was to become my second wedding I didn't feel I deserved to possess a proper wedding gown. But I was persuaded to a minimum of go and also have a look as lockdown eased.

My mum is at the hospital and never allowed any visitors, to cheer her up, I visited to try on dresses with Mollie and my neighbor and mum on the video call.

I'm 5"1 but still quite curvy, therefore we were in hysterics in the sight of me in certain of the gowns, however when I placed on 'The one' all of us cried. Mollie took a picture in the back and I couldn't believe I had a waist again. The dress helped me feel unbelievably happy, everyone said the gown was made for me and I looked regal. The dress is known as FeelTimes dress.

A lovely touch was our friend made our wedding invites with perfect pencil sketches of the dragonfly, bumblebee, butterfly,y, and robin. They were also utilized on our order of service.

We then had our proper special postponed day on 29th August with minimal guests and also the whole thing was live-streamed to everybody else. The highlights in our day were when Mollie and I were in fits of giggles in the alter, Kev's best man said amen halfway with the lord's prayer after which my veil blew off into Kev's head - our amazing photographer Stuart Wilde caught these special moments on camera! Later on in your da,y Mollie told Kev that they loved him the very first time and I couldn't have been happier. Some tips for brides to become are that your day went so quick as everyone lets you know, so three separate times Kev and I stepped from everyone to possess some time together and I'm so glad we did. We enjoyed our day, our way, within our garden.

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