How to Choose the Perfect Prints

Gone are the days of choosing an ideal dress for the bridal party. What was previously a wedding taboo, mismatched bridesmaids' dresses have finally secured their devotion to the modern-day wedding era. Whether you are deciding to change up the color, length, fabric, or type of the dress, adding some diversity for your party's attire is fun, unique, and much more personal–not to say aesthetically pleasing.

A while back, we covered a number of the do's and don'ts when selecting mismatched bridesmaid dresses for the party. Today, we're taking it one step further and providing you with a few guidelines for selecting patterned bridesmaid gowns.

Patterned dresses are an easy way to show off your personality plus they add a whimsical touch for your big day. But this type of bold dress trend could be a little tricky to navigate. Luckily, you will find only several key items to keep in mind when you shop for an ideal printed look (or looks) that will give you the ultimate chic wedding.

Keep the Pattern Consistent

The answer to putting together an elegant, unique bridesmaid outfit would be to keep the pattern consistent. An easy way to keep things cohesive would be to assign one pattern to the whole wedding party. This allows each person in the party allows it their unique twist, while still establishing a unifying link between the outfits. If you aren't married towards the idea of similar patterns, consider assigning different prints, but keeping the color of the gown the same.

Designate a Maid to Sport the Pattern

If you're in love with the concept of incorporating patterns to your party but they are nervous about a lot of prints competing with one another, consider selecting one individual to rock the look. A common nominee will be the maid of honor, however, since it's the wedding, the "designated pattern wearer" could be whoever the thing is fit. From there, you should use that dress' color palette to determine the color of the rest from the dresses. Feel free to combine with several different colors!

Choose a Theme

Once you've selected the pattern you need to go with, you'll wish to settle on a theme for the printed dresses. The kind of wedding you're having might help immensely when creating this decision. Need ideas? Here are some popular examples to help you get started:

Floral: Floral prints are classic, timeless, and then leave you with a lot of options when looking for dresses. They're perfect for marriage during any time of the year but would look particularly stunning throughout a spring, barnyard, or outdoor wedding.

Tropical: Tropical prints are a good idea for any beach, destination, or island wedding. They give a ton of pop towards the party and fall in line using the vibe from the nuptials.

Minimize the Bouquets

If all of the bridesmaids are rocking a floral pattern, it's better to contrast it by having a simple bouquet for each individual. Large, eye-catching bouquets may well be a bit much if they're already wearing flowers. Consider keeping the bouquet one consistent, neutral color that complements any print, like white.

Overall, think of the patterned bridesmaids' dresses as you would with every other mismatched dress scenario: keep one (or two) things consistent through the party. In this case, it's the pattern (and potentially the color) you select. The rest could be up towards the bridesmaids. Then all you have to do is relax and relax, and find out firsthand precisely how creative your maids could be!


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