Kiruna and Andy’s Classic Mansion Wedding

Are you searching for a classic, yet modern wedding four your perfect day? This wedding is strictly what Kiruna and Andy could achieve on their big day in the heart of Washington D.C. With their marriage full of their themed colors of pink, gold, and white, the pair flawlessly owned their lovely day. Kiruna wore a strapless mermaid-style dress which has a sweetheart neckline associated with tons of beading and rhinestones. She complimented the gown with a mid-length full-face veil, glistening rhinestoned headband, dangly sparkly earrings, pink and white rose bouquet, her hair disappointed in effortless curls, three glimmering diamond bracelets, and lastly a pair of champagne open-toed shoes with a lot of rhinestones. With this bride’s stunning look she completely captivated Andy’s attention as she surprised him around the mansion's foregrounds.

Kiruna and Andy sealed their vows in the Newton White Mansion which is full of breath-taking architecture and astonishing gardens. The mansion created an atmosphere and the sense of classic Hollywood glamour to perfectly fit with this bride and groom’s affair. The bridesmaids wore light pink strapless gowns within the mermaid style combined with sparkling bracelets and glimmering earrings. Not only did the bridesmaid dresses fit the thought of Hollywood glamour but so did your daughter's groom and his counterparts. Andy and the groomsmen wore deep blue tuxedos with light pink ties and bright pink pocket squares. The only difference between the groom and also the groomsmen were the groomsmen wore white rose boutonnieres, yet your daughter's groom wore an easy pink rose boutonniere. Everyone’s complete ensembles fit the theme entirely from the wedding and also the magnificent mansion.

Kiruna and Andy achieved an ideal and yet classic Hollywood glamour wedding. How can one not need this on their big day?


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