Drew and I met in law school. Remember the Harlem Shake dance craze

Emily & Drew's wedding vision found life using their stunning St. Louis wedding! Delicate florals, romantic drapery, and also the sweetest wedding couple ever!

How have you two met?

Drew and I met in law school. Remember the Harlem Shake dance craze? I met my hubby at a Harlem Shake music video recording party - no shame, it had been so 2013. After the "recording session" I started speaking with a guy which was wearing a hockey facemask, neon shorts, with no shirt- little did I know, that we'd be inseparable from on that day forward and someday that goofball would be my hubby.

Details around the proposal!

After we met the old saying, "when you realize, you realize" clicked for both people. Since I was both still in class, a mid-2016 engagement appeared like a realistic target. Or it is exactly what I thought the prospective date was. Drew was built with a better concept that surprised me. He proposed on December 12, 2014, nearly 2 yrs before I thought it had been coming- discuss an awesome surprise.

We road tripped as much as Chicago for that weekend. When we left our hotel for that night, he walked me right down to the Chicago River and also got down on one knee. I immediately started bawling not to mention said yes. We spent all of those other weekends celebrating with good friends. It was perfect.

Location, location, location! How have you chosen your venue? What type of venue had you been looking for?

We first eliminated the standard ballroom-type venues, while beautiful, the vibe didn't quite jive using the early stages of my bohemian vision. It was vital that the venue's style felt unique to us a few. After taking a look at several local venues, we started thinking about the possibility of a destination wedding. Then, we had the World's Fair Pavilion in Forest Park.

My imagination ran wild using the vast number of bridesmaid dresses design themes that may come to life within this space - classic, bohemian, romantic, soft neutrals, eclectic, polished, wild, vibrant, etc. Then I thought, why don't you do all of them? Essentially, the WFP would be a blank canvas having a gorgeous view, and that we knew it had been the one.

Who designed your beautiful gown? Where have you got it?

Allure Bridal Collection- purchased in FeelTimes!

Describe the marriage. The look, theme, style, colors, etc.

Magical. Bohemian chic yet elegant. Breathtaking sunset. Surrounded by family members. Marrying the love of my entire life. Romantic Neutrals with classic gold and eclectic vibrant accents.

The ceremony occurred at the beautiful Memorial Presbyterian Church and was officiated by Keith Robinson. Thank goodness for my amazing planner, the quantity of creativity that went into our venue to create my visions to become more active was spectacular.

Exclusive Events did the draping and lighting from the venue which added an ideal amount of flowy romance. It seemed to be important to me to possess bits of our bohemian flair and keep the look overall classic and stylish. The pallet was overall neutral, paired with the gold accents, and the eclectic color is thrown in using the flowers and furniture.

We had an amazing sunset view and ended the nighttime with Chinese lanterns.

Tell us about your bridesmaid's dresses!

After I fell in love using the patterned Matron of Honor's dress, Caroline pulled all from the color options that may work using the dress and meet our neutral/tan vision for the remaining dresses. After moving them around, we decided on the colors that flowed the very best and complemented one another. Since a number of my bridesmaids lived on vacation, I assigned them one of the selected colors using the option to choose their very own style.

Any most important items, must-dos, or can't live without? Anything you would do differently?

Hire a planner! Honestly, I wouldn't do anything whatsoever differently. The day was perfect. I prefer to look at the day as your perfect memory!


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