Trending color palettes for the 2022 wedding

Terracottas, Champagnes, and Emeralds took 2021 by storm, however, with 2022 rolling in, we're beginning to see a transfer of bridal party trends! See our trending colors for the 2022 wedding:


Greens are earning a huge comeback in 2022, but additionally, to the love of FeelTimes we had in 2021, we're looking to see lighter tones of sage and olive. You might even see newer and more effective green shades entering our color collection!

Here we paired Sage and Rosemary tulle to produce the most modern romantic look. Mix and match tip: Add our Sage and Eucalyptus chiffon to include texture for your mix and match palette.


Pinks will always be a wedding day fave, and can always be not going anywhere soon. Gone would be the soft blushes and in would be the rosy hues. We're also expecting to visit a plethora of mismatched blush bridesmaid dresses parties throughout every season!

For the blushing bride, our Dusty Rose velvet is the best color for just about any fall or winter wedding. We especially love adding luscious florals to usher in pops of coral and champagne to go with each bridesmaid's dress.

You know we like a well-combined wedding palette - our Cinnamon Rose and Terracotta Rust satin are a match produced in heaven - and adding Blush on top of it can produce a softer vibe for warmer months.


We saw TONS of champagne weddings right at the end of 2021, and can't wait to determine more! Along with soft neutrals, we can't wait to determine softer brown tones within the next year, with deeper hues for fall and winter!

We're beginning to see fall terracotta tones becoming elevated through the addition of rusts, deep browns, and champagne.


Our completely new Copper satin became a crew fave before the official release. Taking 2022 by storm, we can't wait to determine this new metallic shade incorporated in 2022 weddings.


A timeless classic, black bridal parties are not going anywhere soon! While we can expect to determine more black velvet bridesmiad gowns appear over this month, you can get various fabrics to trickle into the fall of 2022.

We do hope you feel inspired by these 2022 trends! Needing any assistance with choosing your color palette? Shop our swatches here!


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