More Bridesmaid Dress Trends You’ll love

While sequin bridesmaid gowns are stylish, there are other options to select from. Take a look at some of the other bridesmaid dress trends for additional inspiration. Plus, take a look at other luxurious fabrics we use to create our modern designs alive.

1. Velvet Bridesmaid Dresses

One of the hottest styles is velvet bridesmaid gowns. This fabric lends a feeling of luxury and warmth to the bridal lineup. Plus, it adds a chuckle texture! Floor-length gowns made from velvet are specifically popular for fall and winter weddings. These are simple choices if you wish to make a statement.

2. Chiffon bridesmaid dresses

A popular fabric, chiffon bridesmaid gowns are ideal for that flowy and romantic bridal look. The soft material is light and breathable, permitting easy movement and all sorts of day comfort. If you’re planning for a warm-weather outdoor wedding, these gowns are a must for the girls.

3. Tulle Bridesmaid Dresses

A light net-like fabric, tulle is sheer by having an open weave. Tulle bridesmaid gowns possess a light and airy look. They're perfect if you are seeking additional volume within the skirt. Known as 'English Net,' these components will lend a remarkable romantic look.

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