Bridesmaid Dress Shopping: Everything You NEED to Know!

For starters, this means being there for that bride while she's trying to plan her big day. It also means there's bridesmaid dress shopping involved but don’t worry! We've got you covered with solutions to all the questions you may have when bridesmaid dress shopping!

6 Frequently Asked Questions When Shopping for bridesmaid dresses

Any questions or confusions concerning the bridesmaid dress colors, how you can measure it, and how many bridesmaid alterations you'll need are normal. It can also be confusing to handle finding a bridesmaid dress that matches while you’re pregnant that can help you feel comfortable and it is still flattering.

1) How do I get ready for bridesmaid dress shopping?

It may be beneficial to research beforehand which bridesmaid dress shops you need to visit and hang up appointments together. Be sure to eat before shopping because nobody likes hangry bridesmaid dress shopping!

Would rather look for bridesmaid dresses within the comfort of your own house? FeelTimes offers hundreds of bridesmaid gowns that you can put on at home! Order some color swatches before throwing your party which means you and the bride-to-be can get a concept of what colors to order your try-on dresses in.

2) How do I know which size to order?

Be honest by what dress fits your size and enables you to look the most amazing! Nothing is worse than getting a bridesmaid dress that's too big or too small.

During your fitting, you'll be measured at the bust, waist, and hips. While being measured for the chest, wear the bra that you plan to put on with the bridesmaid dress therefore the measurement can plan accordingly. Overall, don't order a dress that's too small because needing to fix it later is going to be impossible.

3) How do I know which size to order if I’m pregnant?

For those people who are pregnant, there's no need to appraise the waist. Additionally, for those who have a say within the matter, go for an empire waist bridesmaid dress or perhaps a flowing, chiffon dress that can help your pregnant bridesmaid feel at ease, embrace her shape, but still feel beautiful!

4) Will I need alterations?

The bridesmaid gowns are not customized and can be fitted to ensure you as well as your body look beautiful your day of the marriage. Be sure that the bridal store you purchased your bridesmaid dress from is an expert within the wedding industry.

5) How can I accessorize a bridesmaid dress?

With every bridesmaid wearing the same dress, several accessories can make it your own therefore the bridal party looks both uniform and unique. Before you start purchasing a statement necklace that will look out of place together with your bridesmaid dress, talk to the bride to be and make sure if she would like anything specific like only pearl accessories.

6) When should I order the gown?

Take the time you'll need to help choose the bridesmaid dress with the bride-to-be and her wedding party but remember that alterations do take some time. It is always a wise decision to order your bridesmaid dress earlier than later (unless you are pregnant).

Before beginning to look for your bridesmaid dress, talk to the bride to be about any budget concerns therefore the two of you are on the same page and may compromise for any style that makes the two of you happy.

Being a bridesmaid has a lot of great memories like bridesmaid dress shopping, locating the perfect accessories, and practicing catching the bouquet. You’re going to appear fantastic regardless of what, so don’t be nervous.


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