This Is How To Dress Your Bridemaids In Purple

So it's purple for the wedding day? You just love the richness of the shade. You love how you can move from lilacs and mauves right through to a rich imperial purple, something dramatic which will hold its very own on a winter big day.

It's a shade that lends itself perfectly to using an ombre bridesmaid fall into line as well. Depending on your girls' complexions you can choose soft pastel purples (we're considering sugared almonds here) or deep dark tones.

Hold some fabric samples facing the face to determine what color works (you can get the color samples from FeelTimes the following). It may be surprising to determine what works that maid does. Somebody may be convinced they do not suit pastels, only to discover they work beautifully. Another might also have avoided brights, simply to realize they should have been wearing dramatic colors always.

There's without doubt, this kind of exquisite color pattern is incredibly amorous - and thus many violet-colored flowers possess a wonderfully delicate fragrance too. You'll also find a big selection of blooms in shades of purple - just speak to your florist about what's available. Whose heart (and nose!) wouldn't be moved through the posies below, created through the lovely Helen Jane Floristry, using the perfumed Muscari, syringa, roses, and freesias?

This may be time to revisit the Sophia Coppola film "Marie Antoinette". It's a confection of pastels and purples and may give you some fabulous inspiration.

As for accent details, you will find that metallics fully trust purple. Silver, gold, bronze - maybe do things just a little differently and set your maids in silver or gold sandals ...

Takeaways out of this post

Purple is a fabulous accent color to choose for the wedding day for several reasons

You might opt for an ombre theme and employ every shade of purple in the palest lilac right through to a rich deep purple

You'll find lots of feeltimes dresses in purple shades - speak to your florist about selections for the time of year

Purple shoes peeping from beneath a conventional cream or white wedding gown look fabulous (but consider metallics too)

Depending on the shade you select, purple is simply at home in a city wedding in the winter months, a country garden wedding, or perhaps a destination wedding on the palm-fringed beach


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