Royal Style Report - The Best Bridesmaid Dresses In Blush!

Blush, or petal pink, is probably the top color choice for bridesmaids. The hue is neutral enough to combine into several settings, from the beach to some formal cathedral. It is feminine, ethereal, light, and flattering for pretty much all skin colors. But just because blush is beautiful, does not mean it can't fail. We will break up the best blush that will help you navigate through silhouette and elegance to find looks that are elegant and simple to pull off!

First off, we want some inspiration, and who is easier to look to than chic, sophisticated royalty? Her Royal Highness Kate Middleton has worn the color exceptionally well (can there be anything she doesn't look stunning in?) and Princess Charlene of Monaco can rock a silky strapless gown. See below for what we're calling a royal blush!

The comforting point about this subtle, chic colorway is that you simply don't have to be royal to drag off light pink! From Rose to Carnation and my way through between, there's a pink for each princess having a bloodline or otherwise! We picked some of our favorite types of gorgeous gowns that any bridesmaid would look regal and radiant in.

For more styles, silhouettes, and colorways in fashionable shades of pink, peach, and peony explore our bridesmaid gowns.

Happy shopping!!


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