Ideas For A Tropical Beach Wedding Day

Do you know what's different when you are getting married on the tropical beach? On pristine, with waving palm trees and endless blue skies up above?

It's The Light.

The light is going to make your dress, your bridesmaids' dresses, the bridegroom's outfit and all sorts of your accessories look different.

A bright light could be a bit draining, and that's why it's often better to go for brights that will stand up to the sun's scrutiny. Think tropical shades of orange, red, purple, pinks, blues and yellows.

Back home within the greyer light, these shades may appear a bit overpowering however when you're available on that white beach, you will want colours that will hold their very own.

Pastels won't work - you'll need something a little dazzling.

And for your bridesmaids' frocks - you'll need a style that's a little floaty. Something which will move within the breeze. Forget formal satins, fitted silks. Think chiffons and organza.

I've come up with this mood board having a selection of styles that might be a dream to put on at a beach wedding - as well as in a colour that will work too.

But if blue isn't your lifestyle, you will find plenty of other colour options and designs for your bridesmaids at feeltimes. Orange bridesmaid gowns. Tropical purples. Rich greens. And accessories to complement.

And obviously, you can't fail with the FeelTimes Twist Wrap Dress - inside a host of colours and many different ways to put on it to ensure that all your bridesmaids will feel they're flattering themselves within the best possible way. And it's an aspiration for travelling - packing with no grumble.


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