6 Things To Consider When Shopping For Flower Girl Dresses

Everyone recognizes that the main goal of the flower girl would be to look cute. Okay sure, she also precedes the bride to be down the aisle, scattering rose petals as she goes — but truthfully, no one is going to become judging her petal-throwing skills.

Instead, they will be focused entirely on how utterly adorable your littlest attendant is, with a lot related to the dress she's wearing. From classic ivory frocks in lux chiffon to trendy rose gold sequins, many chic styles can help her shine on your big day.

Before you begin shopping for flower girl dresses, there are several important things you will want to keep in mind. To ensure that your youngest attendant feels comfortable and confident, listed here are six points to consider:

1. You Don't Need To Pick White Or Ivory

There isn't any hard rule saying your flower girl dress must match the color of your wedding gown. While some brides will go for classic ivory flower girl dresses that match the color of their wedding gown, others may have their flower girl dresses match the color of their bridesmaids.

Though your dress colors don't have to match, your flower girl dress style ought to keep in line with your general theme. If you're having seaside nuptials, a lightweight and flowy lace dress is a lot more preferred on the fluffy tulle tutu style.

2. Pick A Style That Reflects Her Age

While your bridesmaids could get away with racier numbers, flower girl dresses shouldn't leave any room for controversy. In other words, keep your plunging necklines and shorter bridesmaid dress styles restricted to the adult members of the bridal party.

Flower girl dresses are often tea length and for good reason. You don't want her to become tripping on her behalf gown whenever she walks. To ensure that she makes it on the aisle with no hitch, make sure to stick to high necklines, simple frocks, and no-fuss flats.

3. Opt For Durable And Wrinkle-Resistant Fabrics

When searching for wedding dresses, seriously consider your choice of fabric. Although silk is a gorgeous fabric, it may be prone to rips in case your flower girl isn't careful and frequently wrinkles easily.

Tulle fabric is yet another common flower girl dress fabric that may be finicky. If you'd rather 't be searching based on how to get wrinkles from tulle, you might just want to stay with lace or chiffon flower girl dresses that will not wrinkle as quickly and look super romantic as well.

4. Ask For Her Input

Some brides might reason that it doesn't matter what the flower girl thinks about her dress. While you should select a flower girl dress that meets your style, you must consider her feelings on the gown as well.

The thing you don't want is for the flower girl to throw a tantrum on your big day because she hates her dress. If she will not wear a headband or doesn't like the way a certain dress style feels, don't force her to put on it. Instead, interact to find something which she will feel and look comfortable wearing.

5. Order Flower Girl Dresses Closer To Your Wedding Date

Once you've found an ideal flower girl dress, you might want to postpone placing an order. Kids experience significant growth spurts in their childhood, especially girls around the age of eight or nine.

To avoid ordering a dress that will not fit your flower girl come the day of the wedding, postpone ordering it until nearer to your wedding date. You may also wish to pick a backup flower girl dress yourself in case your original pick isn't any longer available when you order.

6. Make Her Feel Special before The Big Day

A large number of kids are understandably nervous about walking on the aisle and spending time with adults they don't know. Find methods to make her comfortable on your big day by providing her extra attention before the event.

For instance, you can ask her and her mom to arrive at your bridal luncheon with the rest of the bridesmaids to ensure that she has the chance to obtain familiar with everyone. When you give away gifts for the bridesmaids, be sure to give her one too!

Giving Your Flower Girl The Chance To Shine

Your flower girl is tasked with the key duty of warming everyone up so they're extra mushy and teary-eyed whenever you finally walk on the aisle. Considering her essential role, it's only logical that you simply pay extra focus on what your youngest attendant sports. With these shopping tips, you can choose a flower girl dress that can help her steal the show in the most adorable possible way. Need help getting her size or fit perfect? Contact a Dessy Stylist or visit our NYC Showroom. We're always pleased to help!


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