What Gifts Do I Bring To A Bridal Shower?

Already shopped through their wedding registry? Worried you’ll bring the incorrect gift? Different wedding events – from engagement parties, bridal showers & the marriage itself – may cause confusion on which gifts to purchase. But, we’re your gifting godmothers and we’re here to assist!

You’ve RSVP’d yes on that very cute bridal shower invitation, ok now what? If you’re purchasing a wedding gift would you buy a bridal shower gift, too? Is their wedding registry exactly the same for both gifting scenarios? What’s the etiquette here?

Well, at Bridal Musings, we often “buck the trends” and say, “to hell with tradition“. But, should you’re attempting to avoid a bridal shower faux pas and don’t wish to show up empty-handed, we are able to certainly offer some “here’s what many people do” advice…

1. Consult their registry first.

My number 1 piece of advice: have a tour through their wedding registry. Even should you’re already purchasing something off their registry for the marriage, there might be something smaller and much more affordable that’s bridal shower appropriate. Focus on items which seem to be chosen for that bride.

If you will find only big-ticket items left, don’t feel pressure to appear with something extravagant. We have lots of alternative non-registry ideas…

2. Ask other attendees what they’re gifting.

Chances are you’re only some of the bridal shower guest Googling this question. If you know every other people invited, check around to find out what they’re bringing.

But always place their advice having a grain of salt! If the vibrator or lingerie they’re bringing doesn’t quite “match your relationship” go ahead and move on to the following idea…

3. Don’t be too shy to inquire about her parents or future spouse!

Not sure what she would like? The people who know your bride best will without a doubt have suggestions on which to gift her. Don’t feel too shy or embarrassed to go into touch together with her parents or future spouse. Going that extra mile ensures you’re likely bringing the very best gift for that bride!

4. When in doubt, come up with a bridal beauty kit.

My mom is really the inspiration of the guide today. Having already exhausted her bridal shower host’s wedding registry and never really understanding the bride under consideration, I suggested a bridal beauty or DIY spa kit.

Most gals that I know love fancy beauty items. And, it’s simple to find loads of bath soaks, creams & moisturizers, masks & eye gels and thus many more beauty items online to spoil your bride. Face masks are super fun to carry along to the bachelorette party and adding new fancy skincare to some bridal beauty regimen is really a major score.

5. Bubbles are (almost) always an enjoyable & welcome gift.

Unless the bride to be or couple are sober, bringing a pleasant bottle of sparkling wine, rosé or Champagne is really a wonderful gift for any bridal shower. The bride is probably going to have lots of traditional gifts to spread out already. Who doesn’t love dealing with pop a bottle of bubbles using their girlfriends or on the date using their fiancé?

6. Cash money!

Every time we poll our audience about wedding registries, “Cash or Gifts?” the overwhelming majority answer they want money his or her wedding present. If that’s the situation for their own wedding registry, we assume exactly the same can apply to bridal shower gifts, too!

If you simply can not land with an appropriate present in the ideas above or their registry is much beyond your budget, money is absolutely okay. Find a cute card (I love searching for handmade cards on Etsy), write a sweet note congratulating your bride & stick that precious wad of money inside. Presto, you will find there's highly prized, most asked-for bridal shower gift!

7. The elephant within the room: would you bring lingerie?

Ooh, tricky question. My mom said last time she attended a bridal shower a lot of people brought lingerie. “Am I designed to bring lingerie, too?”

My opinion? Only bring lingerie should you’re 1) 100% sure that’s the gift she would like from you 2) 100% confident with the idea and 3) 100% okay with having the bride to be open your lingerie gift before everyone else. That includes her grandmas and future mother-in-law.

Honestly, gifting (or just being gifted) lingerie in a bridal shower isn’t really “my style”. But, I totally understand if it’s yours, or perhaps your own bride’s prerogative! Here’s some of our favorite lingerie brands, incidentally. Just realize that gifting lingerie isn't even remotely essential of you should you don’t feel at ease. To be completely frank, in my book, lingerie lands more within the “bachelorette party” realm. Panties, in my experience, tend to be more something you purchase for your closest friend & maybe not a “public gift” situation. But hey, that’s just me!

For more on which to buy the bride to be (& groom!) in your lifetime, visit our Gift section.


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