Real Bride Diary: My Chill AF Bachelorette Spa Weekend

Oh, I am spoiled! Two weeks ago my New York bride tribe threw me probably the most chill, most relaxing, absolutely “Claire Eliza” bachelorette spa weekend. And because all I want to do is relive our party every weekend, I’m here to relay for you how positively fabulous it had been – and dish several favorite beauty finds for your own personel DIY spa weekend (just-add-badass-babes).

So what’s the recipe for any perfect low-key Claire Eliza weekend, you may well ask?

1. The Swanky Getaway House

First, you whisk her away to a personal abode, designed with a saltwater pool, wild flamingo pool floaties and app-controlled spa, not even close to the maddening crowds (Bedford, New York in this instance). Want some inspiration? Here’s my Airbnb city escape wish list.

2. A Healthy Menu (& Favorite Treats)

Second, maintain stocks of healthy fare out of your favorite swanky supermarkets. My girls clearly know me well because they stocked the fridge with littleneck clams, halibut, branzini, trout, vegetables and fruit, and my beloved white burgundy all sourced from Manhattan’s Eataly. Healthy foods are crucial for feeling good between facials, by cooking in your own home for every meal we wasted zero pool & tanning time (my highest priority). Want a sample weekend menu? Save this grocery list below.

3. DIY Spa Supplies

Finally, our weekend was particularly “bridal” because of the collection of fabulous DIY home-spa products my ladies brought along. From goggles to Rosebud CBD oil, fancy sunscreen and my new favorite face massage tool (as well as the best-friend-zen-effect) I left the weekend positively glowing. My girls sent me home with healthy skin goodies, and I’ll be buying several more to carry on the bridal home-spa around the reg before the big day. Shop our Bachelorette DIY Spa weekend below (don’t forget to carry along that Instax camera)!

4. The “I Love You Guys” Brunch

We finished off the weekend having a swanky brunch in the Bedford Post Inn where I declared my teary-eyed fascination with the influential women during my life. These ladies not just enrich my entire life daily using their incredible friendship and impressive creative talents however they actually got me into my soon-to-be husband, and I am forever grateful.

(Those searching for my glorious, backless white bachelorette party dress, it’s for sale!)

Searching for additional bachelorette (hen) party ideas? Find more inspiration here. Read about our Mexican wedding fiesta during my Real Bride Diary.


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