Finally The Bride: Sharing Your Wedding With The World

When our Social Media and Community Manager, Rachel Varina, got engaged in September of 2017, she had the concept to share her wedding journey using the Feeltimes community and therefore, our 'Finally The Bride' series was created. After finding yourself in the industry for a long time, it made sense to plan her journey alongside other brides all over the world. The Feeltimes community saw her through her Try-On Party, Bachelorette party, and Bridal Shower. They included her to bridal expos, voted how she must do her hair and makeup, picked her invitations, helped her find her dream dress, and watched as her day joined together. They comforted her throughout the freak outs, laughed with het during bluders, making her seem like she had a large number of virtual bridesmaids cheering her on and holding her up.

It's been almost a year since she said her "I do" ,as well as in that time a brand new group of brides have stepped in to talk about their journeys. After returning from her honeymoon, the Feeltimes team jumped into gear to locate five fabulous new brides to talk about their stories. We received a lot of applications from brides round the country, and after plenty of deliberation, we chose five women with unique stories, journeys, and plans for his or her big days. It has been a complete blast to date following Sarah, Mari, Victoria, Dee, and Megan within the last 6 months because they plan their weddings using the rest from the 'Finally The Bride' community!

With a few of their weddings right round the corner yet others still a ways off, we like catching up with our brides every Sunday because they plan their days using the help of brides and babes all over the world. From Try-On Parties to pre-wedding events, our babes are documenting all of their process from "yes" to "I do." And while every week they highlight another aspect from the process, we desired to see how it is been like for them to talk about their experiences using the world.

"Every wedding has got the essentials: videographer, photographer, florist, etc. But what I actually want to discover and share using the Feeltimes community is how to build your wedding day . Making it personal and never a Pinterest overload or generic is my definitive goal. Also, working how to get your lover excited about planning! I love how involved Steffan is, and that we want to help others love this particular time and create a joint experience through and through!" -Sarah

"I love everything paper, calligraphy, and stamps so my invites are my dream DIY project. I can't wait to talk about with everyone my ideas for that invitations, save-the-dates, handwriting tips, and developing a cohesive looks wonderful your paper good. Also, I love to gab about weddings, so I'm thrilled to simply talk about all from the planning using the community nonstop!" -Mari

"I'm really excited to talk about what this journey appears like as a teacher. As a special education teacher in Austin, planning has become a part of my job description. I'm wanting to help other brides organize, remain on their schedules, and make them learn how to go about planning everything. I have been a a part of many weddings, but planning your personal is a completely different ball game. I definitely felt lost how to start and wish to help other brides feel a bit more stress-free!" -Victoria

"I’m so excited to talk about everything using the Feeltimes community. I am envisioning plenty of DIY elements, and I can't wait to obtain some opinions. Everyone who follows Revelry has an interest in wedding therefore it will be really useful to all plan together!"-Dee

"I’m a large planner, so I'm really looking forward to all from the DIY ideas I have for that wedding to really make it personable. The most important element, however, is the fact that I would like to include my ‘fur-babies’ whenever possible!"-Megan

We have absolutely loved following Sarah, Mari, Victoria, Dee, and Megan because they plan their special days using the help from the Feeltimes family. Tune in on our Instagram stories every Sunday for updates and join our exclusive Facebook group, Feeltimes IRL, for inside tips, advice, and support from like-minded brides all over the world!


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