Need a Last-Minute Wedding Dress? Read This.

Finding a last-minute wedding gown can feel just like a huge task, however, you actually have several choices. Here's our suggestions about how to locate a gown, like, yesterday.

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While most brides start looking for a gown a minimum of eight months before their special day, there are numerous reasons why you need a last-minute wedding gown. These emergencies include alteration snafus, dress salons or brands unexpectedly shutting their doors, or simply hating how your dress ended up. Or let's say you want to got married, like, in a few days? Turns out it that it's totally possible to locate a last-minute wedding gown, as long as you're prepared to be flexible and do your homework.

Read onto learn several ways to locate a last-minute wedding gown.

Be ready to compromise.

First, remain calm. You will be able to locate a last-minute wedding gown—but may possibly not be your dream dress. And that’s okay. The a shorter period you have to locate a dress, the greater flexible you’ll have to be as it pertains to style, details, designer, etc. Remember that your lover is marrying you for you personally, not what you’re wearing.

Start in the salon.

Depending how much time you've, a bridal salon might be able to assist you in your pursuit for a last-minute wedding gown. Call up several salons to discover how quickly an outfit can be ordered and received. While it typically takes between four and 6 months to receive a wedding gown (which doesn’t include alterations), if you’re prepared to pay rush fees, you might be able to get your dress faster than that. Since gown salons possess the widest variety of dresses to select from, it’s better to start there to determine what’s available.

Try sample sales

For those brides who've some extra time, ask several nearby wedding gown salons if they're having a sample sale—or should they have any older sample dresses they're selling from the rack. Bridal salons frequently get eliminate older dresses to create room for brand new inventory. If you’re a sample size (often a bridal 6 or 8), you might be in luck—these dresses often come at deep discounts and you will take them home immediately. Remember, though, these last-minute wedding dresses could be in not even close to pristine condition so will require a thorough cleaning and alterations.

Check out (trusted) online stores.

While ordering a last-minute wedding gown online could be somewhat risky, there are specific trusted online dress retailers, like BHLDN, Floravere, and David’s Bridal, where ordering a wedding gown is virtually as easy as ordering a t-shirt. These sites ship relatively quickly and also have a wide selection of sizes and designs, to be able to easily find something which suits your look. If you’re thinking about purchasing a wedding gown online, make sure to read reviews from the site to create sure it’s reputable—there are lots of websites available that sell counterfeit or low-quality dresses, and also you don’t certainly don’t have enough time for that!

Try shops.

Finding a wedding gown off the rack implies that you can go home your day you purchase it—which could be huge if you’re on the super-tight timeframe. Many shops, like Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue, sell long white gowns (sure, they may not technically be wedding gowns, but nobody will know the difference) within their evening section that may totally work with your special day—particularly if you’re using a more casual wedding. Also, many shops have tailors within the company who can help you produce quick alterations (major alterations will require more time and could need to go to some tailor who focuses on wedding gowns).

Look for secondhand dresses.

If you've a little more lead time before your wedding reception, you might want to research secondhand wedding gowns on a site like Nearly Newlywed. Many brides resell their dresses (in good shape!) as well as sell unworn gowns. There are several websites specializing in selling preowned wedding gowns, however, make sure to do your research which means you know it’s reputable. Also remember that the secondhand dress was tailored to suit someone else, so attempt to leave time for alterations if possible.

Rent it.

Dress rental companies happen to be popping up previously few years, most abundant in popular being Rent the Runway. While these rental companies often specialize in bridesmiad gowns, if you’re looking for any less-formal last-minute wedding gown, they might have the perfect style. Note, however, that renting an outfit means you won’t have the ability to alter it—however, you can usually order several different sizes to make sure you’ll locate one that fits.

Bring around the accessories.

It’s relatively easy to locate a basic last-minute wedding gown on a tight timeline, but harder if you’re looking for an outfit with lots of beading and adornments. Looking for any glam gown? We recommend investing in a simple gown on and on to town using the accessories—an intricate beaded sash or amazing veil will go a long way in adding just a little oomph to some basic dress. Let your creativity stand out and make that dress your personal!

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