5 Reasons You Can’t Go Wrong With A Gray Bridesmaid Dress

We get so excited when Pantone makes their iconic Color of the Year announcement (we have HUNDREDS of hues in our collection, after all, so color is a big deal to us).

To be honest, we weren't exactly sure what we thought of the yellow and gray shades chosen for 2021, but it made a lot of sense when we thought more about it. A duo of uplifting and grounding tones to set a hopeful and inspired tone for 2021 seems pretty on point after a taxing 2020!

We'll chat about all things 'Illuminating' in a bit because illumination is powerful. But, today, we've set our sights on Ultimate Gray and how this elemental shade makes for a striking and unwavering bridal crew. We have a fabulous array of gray gowns for 2021. So, if you're looking for gray, then we're down to play!!


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