Animation is one of the most important services. Indeed, it is the DJ and the meal that will remember most your guests, whether positive or negative elsewhere. It is therefore essential to choose the DJ for your wedding, one that will put an atmosphere of madness and that will mark the spirits.

How to select your wedding DJ?

Step 1: The recommendation

Because today all those who touch a little music claim to be DJ, it becomes difficult to know if the person will be able to do the trick and properly animate your marriage. A quick internet search will quickly give you a taste of what is happening in the area of wedding animation in your area.

Whether you’re going through an animation company or an individual who mixes in his spare time, you’ll be spoiled for choice, but still no certainty that he will not ruin your evening. Find out from your friends who have already taken the plunge and who also had to select their Wedding DJ Canberra.

You can also consult your place of reception which had to see scroll a certain number. Making the recommendations work is always a good idea, as the person in question will feel more recognized and wish to maintain their reputation.

The focus with your wedding DJ

Once you think you have found the right one, make sure that it will be available on the evening, a misunderstanding is so quickly arrived! Make sure that he has his equipment (turntables, sound, lights, mirror balls …) so you do not have to rent more.

Show him youre wedding, your theme, the guests you receive, whether they are mostly young people or older people, as well as the entertainment you are aware of. This will help him to better visualize the situation and better understand you.

Tell him about your desires, musical tastes and musical entertainment that you would like. Also tell him what you do not like so that he avoids exploring tracks that will be useless.

Indeed, the DJ is not only there to pass tubes in loop, it is also the thread of your evening by making the transitions with the games or the speeches of your guests.

Challenge him by asking for playlists, which will give you an idea of ​​his motivation and involvement in your project.

These elements are essential so that the DJ of your wedding is on the same wavelength as you to make this evening unforgettable and dance all ages.

Feelings about your wedding DJ

The feeling is what is most important when working with people and especially when you give them something you want more than anything.

Whether it is with your wedding DJ or with all the other providers that you have to do for the organization of your ceremony, it is important to feel confident for Wedding Music Hire Canberra.

Do not talk about budget and wait until he presents his rate. A good DJ will usually let you know he is very busy so he is more expensive than average. But it is not because it is acclaimed that you cannot negotiate.

Count between 300 € and 600 € the performance of a professional DJ. And if all that was not enough for you to choose your DJ, you can always ask him to push the ditty. A good DJ is usually not a good singer, each his job!



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