Sequins, rhinestones, confetti: how to use them for your wedding?

Nothing like mixing confetti cannons, rhinestones and glitter to make her wedding a sparkling event! Whether on announcement cards, place cards, or in small pockets surprises, there are many ways to use these elements in order to magnify the party.

Make unique announcements

Nowadays, fashion is handmade objects, and the world of marriage does not escape this trend. In addition, good news: making your own announcements can save money while sending personalized cards to guests, who will be flattered! You can buy self-adhesive rhinestones in a hobby shop and attach them to small invitation cards to recreate original designs. There is also what is known as glitter powder glue, which allows you to draw patterns that are then sprinkled with glitter in order to magnify his creations. Only one rule: let your imagination express itself!

Make your tables sparkle

A glittering wedding table recreates an atmosphere worthy of a Thousand and One Nights, and the advantage is that just a few things are needed to make this element shine. Sprinkle glitter powder randomly along the entire length of the table, then add rhinestones and confetti in matching colors to bring out the different shades of shimmer. Australian supplier of wedding confetti can provide you all these items at best prices. You will create an iridescent effect that will highlight your table decoration.

Offer original gifts to your guests

The guests love the little souvenir gifts that will allow them to remember an event with happiness, so do not hesitate to use their imagination to make presents that will delight them. You can, for example, make real little surprise pouches containing candies , small gifts, but also tiny sachets of confetti and glitter that your guests can throw at the exit of the ceremony.

Create a dazzling wedding decor

Each element of decoration can be an opportunity to make the decor even more dazzling than it already is. Sprinkle confetti aisles, make sequined squares by glittering powder on small cardboard boxes folded in half, attaching self-adhesive rhinestones on the tablecloths … You can even fill jars with glitter and arrange them in various places for add touches of color and sparkle to your decor.

Put yourself in scene for the photos

It is also possible to use glitter and confetti during the photo shoot to enhance the clichés. For example, throw a handful of glitter in the air to get a magical photograph filled with glittering elements. Or spin under a shower of bulk confetti in romantic colors (white, powder pink, golden, pale blue). In short, do not hesitate to stage yourself in order to create exceptional images that will sublimate your memories.


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