How to organize a wedding in 1 month

A wedding is usually planned a year in advance because there are many things to organize: first administrative formalities then all the “logistics” related to the reception (rental of the room, caterer, photographer, DJ, flowers …). Finally, if you want to have all your friends and family present, you have to find the date that suits you well … In short, to hide nothing, organizing a wedding in a month will not be easy but with organization, Open and some flexibility, you can make it happen !! Here are some tips to succeed this challenge:

1 ° Begin with the administrative formalities!

Before you think of finding a room or a wedding dress, take care of the paperwork first. This is the most important point to legally validate your marriage. Inquire now at your town hall to find a date available for your wedding celebration and to begin to set up your administrative file. Be aware that the law requires the town hall to publish the bans for a period of 10 days before the marriage so you can not get married anyway in less than 11 days. Ask the chosen people if they want to witness your wedding. Think about the marriage contract and see if you want to make one or not. If so, ask for an emergency appointment at the notary’s office.

2 ° Find out about the formalities of religious marriage:

If you wish to hold a religious ceremony, you should know that this celebration can only take place after the civil marriage. If it is impossible to do the 2 weddings on the same day, you can still do the religious marriage a little later (1 month, 6 months after the civil marriage … you see!). Often, in these cases, the civil marriage is done in small committee with your relatives followed by a restaurant. The big party and the big party are after the religious ceremony. This practice is increasingly widespread and it finally presents several advantages (guests unavailable on the day of the civil wedding will be able to attend the religious wedding, the delay between the two dates allows you to have a little time to save for the reception and Also to organize everything!).

3 ° Set the date (s) (depending on the configuration of your wedding see previous point).

You need to know this information as soon as possible in order to be able to notify guests (email or phone, but do not wait for invitations that take time to be printed even if you send them later). Ask your guests for a quick response to estimate the exact number of guests.

4 ° The wedding dress:

You can find wedding dresses on the internet. You will not have time to order a tailor-made (the delay is several months).

5. The groom’s costume:

You should find in the store or on the internet suits available on sale.

6 ° The place of reception:

This is probably the most complicated point to solve in the organization of a wedding: find a room and a caterer for the wine of honor and the evening meal. If you have a comfortable budget (we will say about 60 € per guest at the meal and 15 € per guest in the wine of honor) you should find a restaurant or a reception place that will offer you an “all inclusive” Of room + the wine of honor + the evening meal the whole with service included). This is the simplest option but it is expensive if you have a lot of guests.

If your budget is more modest, you can either restrict the number of guests or find a room first and then appeal to a caterer. This formula is often cheaper than the restaurant but a little more complicated to implement. Indeed, you have to make sure that the room is a minimum equipped (kitchen with refrigerator, tableware and chairs, toilets, parking …) and big enough to welcome your guests and dance. Ask the caterers you will contact if they know the room you would like to rent and if they know of other rooms that can be rented for a wedding. The caterers will be able to give you valuable advice and tell you what will be feasible or not (eg if your room does not have a kitchen you will hardly be able to make a hot meal, You will have to fall back on a cold buffet). Once the room and the caterer found, you will have made the most complicated!

7. The alliances:

Just as for wedding dresses and the groom’s costume, certain wedding rings can be purchased right away in jewelry. You just have to find one at your size or possibly see if it is possible to place an “express” order to have your wedding rings on your wedding day.

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