Extensions for the wedding Hairstyle: is it a good idea?


There are many reasons to get hair extensions for your wedding

One of the reasons most often cited is the possibility of having long hair and we all know that long hair allows for a lot more styles than short hair and it will be possible to make a real hairstyle of dreams, not to say a star, for this big day.

This day remains one of the most important of our life, it’s a new beginning, the beginning of a new life but it’s also a day where hundreds of photos of memories will immortalize you for the happiness of your family. Your friends and you will probably show your future children!

Of course, you want everything to be perfect and it’s really the day of your life where everything must be perfect and also your hairstyle will play a vital role throughout the day. Fortunately, specialized salons offer safe and harmless extensions techniques for a hair of dream without limit in terms of imagination to look like a real star.

Many people have the misconception that hair extensions are only used to add length to the hair but this is not always the case.

The wedding hair styles with hair extensions can certainly allow you to have very long hair allowing you for example to make a dream bun, but they can also be used to increase the volume of the hair or add strands of colors or simply to obtain a texture different from your natural hair.

The hair extension for your wedding day will allow you to create the perfect look of your choice that would be totally impossible with your natural hair.

Wedding Hair Extensions: Precautions

1) Do not go there especially at the last moment! Hair extensions must be done several weeks before, so you’ll have time to get used to it because it will take you several days before this new hairstyle become yours.

2) Choose a professional salon specialized in the installation of extensions: the installation of extension remains very technical and the salons not being used and the regular practice can easily “miss the pose”

3) Avoid clip-on or tape extensions that may slip and all extensions for spot pose for this big day, if they are more economical they are not inconspicuous at all and in addition you will have the impression “to have a helmet on the head “at least if we compare them to the extensions laid bit by bit that you will forget completely

4) Try to avoid aggressive extensions such as hot extensions, braid or glue that can damage your hair especially when removing to take off the locks of extensions of your own hair, there are today techniques like the one with micro bindings that are safe for your health and your hair

5) If you can take quality hair (the best being Russian hair) they shine in the light, are silky and the most versatile in terms of style – Read how to choose locks for hair extensions

6) When choosing your bridal hairstyle, you should pay attention to the dress-hairstyle combination: do not hesitate to try your wedding dress in the salon, the hairstyle must go perfectly with your wedding dress


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