Create a Wedding Invitation

The wedding announcement concretely launches the countdown and sets the tone for this unique event. This is the first visible element for all guests, making it a key step … and so not to be taken lightly. Once the date and place of your ceremony is set, creating your wedding invitation should be at the top of your list of preparations. We know that it is not easy to design invitation card, that is why we give all the answers to the main questions that you could ask yourself in order to create a perfect wedding invitation and classic save the dates, in the state of the art.

Which Style to Choose to Create Wedding Invitation?

It is necessary that the theme of your wedding appears in your wedding invitation. If you have chosen one or more colors for the theme of your wedding, consultants and graphic designers will adapt models to your desires , to perfectly match your expectations. You will be able to create a wedding invitation that is 100% like you.

When should you send your wedding invitation?

Usually, wedding invitation cards are sent three to four months before the date of the ceremony. This allows the guests to make all the necessary arrangements to be perfectly ready on D-Day. For a wedding abroad or a union scheduled on weekdays for example, do not hesitate to announce it sooner to increase your chances of having all the ones you love from your side.

Which format to choose to create your wedding invitation?

Choosing between a square wedding invitation and another in rectangular format is obviously primarily a matter of taste. If the square is a great classic, the rectangle can be seen as a format offering a more modern wedding invitation. When choosing a two-sided model and a four-page template, the style and amount of text come into play. Double-sided printing is simpler, sleeker than 4 pages, and is generally suitable for couples who want to write a relatively short text. The 4-page format is perfectly suited to bilingual models as well as traditional models, where the invitation text written by families is often more supplied.

Which paper to choose to create your wedding invitation?

Beyond price considerations, choosing the paper  depends on the style you want to give to your wedding invitation. In almost all cases, the most suitable paper is ivory paper, thicker, more sober, which brings warmth and softness by its slightly creamy tint and perfectly adapted to the wedding. Matte coated paper can be seen as a more contemporary paper, perhaps more conducive to a more trendy wedding spirit. Iridescent paper, by its pearly appearance, brings a festive touch, which will be advised especially for the models of announcements very colorful, shifted, but especially not with a white background. Finally, glossy satin paper is only to be associated with wedding announcements including a photo.

Should we put pictures on wedding invitation?

In the vast majority of cases, wedding invitations do not include photographs. It is indeed particularly difficult to illustrate an event that has not yet taken place. Unless you have a very nice photo of your future reception venue or your couple if you have chosen to make a photo-engagement session with your photographer, a photo-free announcement is more common and does not exclude a photo- originality for that matter. You should know that you usually get caught up in the thank you cards , which can be accompanied by one or more pictures of the big day.

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