Choosing your Wedding Jewelry: a choice not so easy!

Choosing Your Wedding Jewelry is not so easy. Wedding jewelry is an essential part of beauty of the bride. It includes Necklace, ring, bracelet, earrings, tiara and other crown. It is important to harmonize all of wedding jewelry for a refined result and not overloaded! Your wedding dress must sublimate your outfit, be elegant without stealing the show at the wedding … A real headache! Do not forget to  take into account your hairstyle that will also influence your choice of jewelry. There are many online jewelry stores like Jewelry Store in Jacksonville but you need to know some instructions before shopping from those stores.

Everything is customizable and even your wedding rings! Today we explain, “how to choose your wedding jewelry” and have a perfect look for wedding day. But before returning to the shopping, read and follow my advices!

First step: choosing the necklace

The necklace is the basic element to choose for wedding. It is the ideal accessory to sublimate your bust as well as your celebrations.  It must therefore be scrupulously selected. The choice will be made according to your dress. Whether it is bustier, sleeve or collar, not all necklaces suite on all dresses! For example, a wedding dress that features an asymmetrical strapless will be prettier with a crew neck collar. On the other hand, a straight bustier will lend itself better to the wearing of a round necklace or a necklace. For each dress, see the suitable necklace.

  • For a dress without neckline or with a rising collar, give up the idea of ​​a collar. It will not be at all highlighted and will overload your silhouette. Instead, focus on medium or small earrings. This will bring you some shine and beauty on your face.
  • For a dress with a straight collar that releases your shoulders well,you will be able to wear small necklaces style necklace round or neck. Your necklace will be well developed. Fabric and lace necklaces for example, will bring a touch of elegance to your overall outfit.
  • For a dress with a V-shaped neckline, indulge yourself! All types necklaces can be especially suitable if your neckline is plunging! Those that are pendent and long, will have a perfect fall in the hollow of your chest.
  • For a dress with an asymmetrical shape, itwill be better to wear a collar of asymmetric shape also, with the pattern on the opposite side of the shoulder strap. So you will emphasize the roundness of the shoulders and you will highlight your neck, our blow of heart.
  • For a dress with an American neckline,tied around the neck, it is better not to overload. Choose instead earrings to highlight your dress.


Second step: the earrings

Once the necklace is chosen, you will be able to think of the earrings. If you have opted for an imposing necklace, it is better to take a loop model simple enough not to overload your pace. This year, fashion is to jewelry composed of feathers, flowers and other small details that will make their most beautiful effect on a simple dress for a country wedding. Do not forget to stay in harmony.


3rd step: the bracelet

Finally, you can wear a wristband on your wrist. Avoid overloading your outfit with accessories. It is important that your bracelet is pleasant to wear. You should not be embarrassed during the day by a heavy and uncomfortable accessory on the wrist!


Last stage: the rings

Do not wear anything but your covenant. She will be at the center of all the attentions! Choose a beautiful ring to sublimate your hands subtly.

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