4 Ideas and Tips for a Successful Wedding Night

When one thinks of wedding preparations, one thinks reception room, caterer, photographer, wedding entertainment, but less often wedding night! And yet, just like the choice of the wedding dress, this moment is privileged: you will meet for the first time since the ceremony for two for your first night as husband and wife. Whether you decide to leave just after the wedding bouquet in a paradisiac destination or you prefer to stay quietly at home, do not neglect any detail.

To never break the magic and uniqueness of this moment, here are 4 tips to have in mind.

1. Be Provident

A few days before your wedding, prepare your special wedding night bag! Indeed, on D-Day you will be caught up in a whirlwind of emotions and diners , and you will not have the mind to remind you what to take.

Think of course to take underwear of occasion , but also a kit of toilet and make-up for a retouching of last minute. If you wish, take a bubble bath to relax. You can also provide a Polaroid or other camera to keep memories of your first evening as a husband and wife.

2. Be Reasonable

If you want to avoid being sick or falling asleep, treat yourself during the day and the wedding evening. Do not eat too much and have a light hand on alcohol, you will only be better off. If you can, get out of the evening at a reasonable time to enjoy your night.

If you have planned to party until the morning, an alternative may be to postpone the wedding night the following evening or the following weekend , why not in a small inn or other romantic place of your choice. You will be able to enjoy your evening with rested head.

3. Prepare the scene

Whether you have booked a suite, a room in a hotel or your reception area, or you are returning home or sleeping with relatives, make sure that the room that will host your first night Height of the event . Rose petals on the bed, fresh champagne, strawberries, chocolates and other sweets, indirect lighting, silk sheets, small paper hearts cut, you find your style and bring romanticism and poetry to your cozy nest.

You can also choose the spark plug option for a return in temp . Arrange them anywhere in your room, and ask an accomplice to turn them on just before you arrive. You will immediately be immersed in a most magical atmosphere.

Do not hesitate to add flowers and other bouquets throughout the room. These natural elements will bring freshness and lightness to your decor.

4. Cut off the world

Now that the terrain of your wedding night is ready, make sure that nothing and no one disturbs you. Indeed, nothing worse than being interrupted when one is on his little cloud.

Some of your guests may find it amusing to come and wake you up or bring you the famous soup with onion or potty. If you appreciate tradition, be careful that your loved ones do not linger too long. If you do not want to have your own presence in your room, be very clear with your guests so that no one comes to disturb this beautiful moment.


Finally, it is particularly important that you observe the following recommendation: turn off your phones! Although it is often difficult to disconnect nowadays, there is nothing worse to break the mood of your dating than to be interrupted by messages on your laptop. Entrust your phones to the reception, and lose the notion of the outside world and time! After an original wedding, what better than a night for two?

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